Readers, For the first time in about 14 years, I will be unavailable to watch or attend the Dolphins game live Sunday at Jacksonville, due to a travel committment. I turn the site over to you all.      The comments are open, and let’s fill up the board…hopefully with Good and Positive posts about our blowout victory over theRead More →

I’ve had some time to take in all the Bears’ interviews and press conferences, and the one thing that stood out to me is that the Dolphins have the potential to be quite good. Jay Cutler was very respectful and complimentary of our defense.   But the one thing I noticed in his tone of voice was a bit of surprise.  Almost as if Cutler did not expect our D to be “that” good. Head Coach Marc Trestman also seemed a little surprised at how good weRead More →

As our regular readers know, we at Dolphins Truth have not been supportive of Dion Jordan. We won’t change that now.  We won’t be hypocrites and suddenly say how great it is for Dion to be back, because we do not feel he will make any difference. That being said, there is some cause for a little hopeful optimism here, as the return of Dion Jordan MIGHT possibly help the defense. First of all, let’s call out the obvious:  What kind of player gets suspended while already on suspension?  That’s like getting arrested while you’re already under arrest.  The NFL player’s union is immensely, overlyRead More →

THE HIGHS Ryan Tannehill looked really good all around.  I loved his running.  We have been begging him to run more, and it’s starting.  His passing looked good too.   We don’t need long bombs when he stays effective with the ten yarders.  He hit them all day long. Cameron Wake was quiet for three quarters but had a huge sack/fumble recovery when we needed it. Lamar Miller is really hitting his cuts well.  A lot of those plays look like a sweep, but then he cuts inside with a burst. Dion Jordan getting suspended hasRead More →

Just caught the end of the Vikes and Bills game.   Seems like the NFC never helps us out when we need them to beat an AFC team for us. Kyle Orton is the worst QB in the league, and he just won a game at the buzzer.  The Bills lost their top three running backs too, so Minnesota got beat by  fourth-string RB and a journeyman bum QB. Thank you VikingsRead More →

Already off to a poor start before I can finish my first sentence. Clueless Joe decided to receive the ball instead of deferring.  A sack. A horrible punt by Fields.   As we said all year, Fields isn’t the same since he earned his Pro Bowl spot.  Defense gets a nice stop on Chicago’s first series.   Familiar occurrences.  Defense looks good, offense not so good.   Can Lazor please do something creative? Good things happen when Tannehill keeps the ball and runs. Decent second series happening now as we get into Bear territory.  Wallace.   Miller.   Keep it up. Nice start.  Feels likeRead More →

What will it take for Stephen Ross to act? It’s a given fact that Joe Philbin is not a good head coach. No question about it at this point. No opinions. Just facts. He has a losing record, despite being given some extremely talented players, and that losing record is the bottom-line proof. He makes decisions that are proven wrong by virtually every reputable football expert. Nothing and no one under him ever improves. He has never made the playoffs. He’s a nice enough old chap who could possibly be a well-respected lineman coach at a small D-2 college. He could spend his golden yearsRead More →

While the season is more than likely over, as New England now has its act together and the Dolphins pursue yet another .500 season thanks to inept Joe Philbin, still we love our Dolphins and root for them do or die. Next up are the Chicago Bears.  And Brandon Marshall.  You remember Marshall…one of the best receivers in the league who the Dolphins decided to get rid of because Davone Bess was ready to be our #1 superstar.  Brandon Marshall, who the Dolphins got rid of after he was named Pro Bowl MVP.   I mean, who would want such a terrible player, right? Anyway,Read More →

While we all get angry at Joe Philbin’s incorrect decisions each week,  we must understand that anger is a part of being a fan.  Not everything can go right, so we have to be a little patient if a coach makes a mistake now and then. But do fans, players, and team ownership (ahem, Mr. Ross) have a right to be angry when the coach makes the SAME INCORRECT decisions for three straight years? As far as Joe Philbin blowing the Packer game against his friends Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers, et al., we at Dolphins Truth don’t think the fans and ownership should be angry…Read More →

Editor’s Note:   To our younger readers…you may have noticed the word “film” in our headline today.  Film is an ancient form of plastic that was used to capture images when writers like us were little kids. We’ve had a chance to digest all of Joe Philbin’s excuses now, so it’s time to analyze them. About the final Dolphins drive, Joe Philbin said that his strategy was NOT to just kill some time.  He wanted to aggressively get a first down or two to ice the game away.  Philbin said, “I told Bill that we were going to do whatever we have to do to get aRead More →

Today’s final is in.  Tony Sparano 28, Joe Philbin 24. Sparano inspired a terrible group of inept Raiders to torch the Chargers for 28 points.  Meanwhile, Philbin couldn’t take advantage of the awful Packer defense ranked near the bottom against the rush and the pass. I wish we could go back in time and talk to Stephen Ross about his decisions.  I know many of you hate Sparano, but heRead More →

First, the HIGHS: Jarvis Landry continues to impress.  We questioned it when we drafted him, but we’re happy to be wrong.  The only blight on him is a couple of fumbles.  Also, he has to stop getting tackled by kickers.  At least 3 times this season already he had one 98-lb-weakling kicker to beat, and he got tackled.  Otherwise, this kid is exciting. Mike Wallace had a drop, but he continues to produce.  Bill Lazor knows how to use him, while Mike Sherman was lost.   Ryan Tannehill in the second half.  You know what’s coming later when I get to the Lows, but weRead More →

4th and 10.  We had manhandled the Pack for 3 consecutive plays.  On 3rd down, we caused a fumble.  NOTHING was going Green Bay’s way.  Nothing. You saw Rodgers’s face as he crawled up from the turf after Wake had leveled him. The Packer receivers were gasping for air as they limped back to the line of scrimmage.  The Florida sun had wilted this team as badly as the Dolphins had.  The game was ours. But then Joe Philbin allowed them to regroup. He allowed his Packer friends to rest. He allowed his boss, Mike McCarthy, to study our defensive personnel and call an adjustedRead More →

When will these bum announcers from CBS mention that Mike Pouncey is playing guard? Aaron Rodgers this and that, but when All-Pro Pouncey comes back, at a new position, they don’t even notice. 7-3 Green Bay with 8:15 left in the first. Every time Mike McCarthy calls a running play, the Packers should fine him.  Their running game is horrendous.   Their passing game is perfect.  Why on earth would they ever run the ball?   It is laughable.  I am grateful every time I see Rodgers hand it off. Apparently Kevin Coyle got a memo from the league that says “blitzing is now illegal.”  Lucky forRead More →

With New England’s impressive win, they are back in first place in the AFC East, with the Dolphins now in second place. The Buffalo Bills laughably find themselves tied for first, thanks to the Detroit Lions giving up after one quarter last Sunday when Buffalo came to the Motor City.  Seriously, how terrible must the Lions be to lose to Kyle Orton?  Orton even threw them a gift pick-6, and Detroit still couldn’t get the job done.  All this to say, the Bills are absolutely not for real, and they’ll be lucky to finish at 5-11. But the Patriots are for real, yet again, andRead More →

A man is innocent until proven guilty, but sometimes the word of a police officer or two, or four, can be quite damaging. After Derrick Shelby’s arrest, only his lawyer and agent seem to believe he is innocent.  Credible witnesses at a nightclub saw Shelby acting up, and it was enough to get him arrested by the police and suspended by the Dolphins. Dion Jordan. Rashad Jones, Mike Pouncey and his brother, now Derrick Shelby. We know it’s easier said than done, but these fellows simply need to stay away from drugs.  Stay away from booze.  Stay away from clubs.  These guys are multi-millionaires. andRead More →

CBS’s report last week about turmoil in the  Dolphins’ front office  seems to have been false. Somehow, the alleged professionals who cover the Dolphins are among the worst journalists employed in any sport.  The “insiders” cannot survive if they just write “nothing new today,” so they embellish. CBS’s Jason La Canfora recently mentioned that Dawn Aponte and Joe Philbin were at odds with each other, when there is little if any proof of that.  Made for a good story though. La Canfora, you may remember, was the genius who kept telling us that the Dolphins were going to trade Mike Wallace. How about a few yearsRead More →