We’re not sure why the Dolphins brought in Brady Quinn in the first place now that he has been cut.  It seemed that Quinn would be a decent third-stringer, especially after we released Pat Devlin. Rookie tight end Arthur Lynch was placed on IR, so he will be unable to play this whole season.   The same for  Mike Gillislee.  We liked Gillislee a lot, and a lot of people disagree, but we feel he is a better all-around back than Lamar Miller.   Miller has had two years to shine, and he simply hasn’t done it.  But we seem pretty deep at RB, so the lossRead More →

A few random thoughts about recent Dolphins events. You can agree or you can disagree, but here at Dolphins Truth, it’s all about careful analysis and truth-telling to keep Dolphin fans as the best-informed fans in the NFL. Michael Egnew has been cut. This news is two years too late. We’ve been screaming for his realease for years. Here at Dolphins Truth, there’s an old lady who comes in and cleans our garbage bins each night. That old lady has the same number of NFL touchdowns as Michael Egnew. He was aRead More →

It’s probably a little too late, but the Dolphins owed this to Brady Quinn. Scam Cameron certainly owed him. It’s not a terrible move.  Pat Devlin just was not an NFL-caliber quarterback.  Quinn is.  Or was.  Or at least might be.   A maybe is better than a not. Quinn does have experience.  He’s never played for aRead More →

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald recently said it was foolish for anyone to write off Dion Jordan as a bust.   That just proves how foolish Beasley is. Friday night, Dion Jordan played against the Falcons’ third- and fourth-string wannabe bench-warmers, and he didn’t make a single play. He couldn’t beat guys who were just picked up aRead More →

We at Dolphins Truth try to remain positive.  We try not to rain on everyone’s parade.  We’re happy with great plays and even more happy with victories.  But sometimes, even positive outcomes need to be scrutinized. Last year, for example, while everyone was celebrating how great Miami was because we had just defeated the mighty Steelers, we at Dolphins Truth were the only ones whoRead More →

For the second time this summer, a Dolphin has been suspended because they don’t know what they are putting into their own bodies.  Reshad Jones and Dion Jordan are both out 4 games each because they took banned substances. There is a question about if they did this knowingly.  Did they take a banned substance knowingly and hope to avoid getting caught?  Or did they truly not know what was in theirRead More →