Every win counts. Even wins when Tua looked like a confused rookie instead of the NFL’s #1 quarterback.

The defense saved the day on numerous occasions, highlighted by Jalen Ramsey’s two interceptions, making himself and Tyreek Hill the best couple of trades and the best money spent in Dolphins history.

As Xavien Howard slowly declines into an average-at-best CB with a lot of holding calls against him, Ramsey is shining. Combine that with the defensive line stuffing the Raiders’ run game, and it was lights out. The Raiders caught us sleeping on one TD drive, but that was it.

We needed the defense to be playing A+ because the offense, again, couldn’t top 21 points. This is concerning. Mike McDaniel’s play calls have evolved into trying to outguess the defense, instead of just pounding the ball at them. I will never understand how McDaniel can watch Mostert carve through them or 4 or 5 yards a pop, and then call a terrible screen pass on 4th and one.

And where the hell was all the motion today? Why abandon that aspect?

Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts.

Next up is the Jets, who should be in utter disarray after they benched Zach Wilson today. With it being a short week, I imagine Wilson plays Friday…and that is excellent news for Miami.


  1. Jets game worries me. they have good defense and we have been struggling on offense. if Jets force Dolphins into a lot of 3rd and forevers, it will be a difficult game and long day for Dolphins offense

  2. Phins defense keeps improving and that is very encouraging! we will need this improving defense to beat the good teams. Today, the D came up with the big plays (amazing interceptions catches by Ramsey)

    But yeah, offense is struggling (relative to early season success) and that is concerning. Good question, admin – what happened to the pre snap motion???…. I wish they would retire the stupid wide receiver screen play (the one that Hill fumbled-on for Chiefs defensive TD).

    And Tua looks lost when he has to ad lib after designed plays breaks down. He looks like a barely average QB when going to his 2nd and 3rd reads as the pocket collapses on him. He looks like he has difficulty seeing the whole field (he is not seeing wide open receivers). Are his height and inability to scramble a serious shortcoming for Phins offense?

    1. Author

      I have to agree with your Tua opinion. In September, so many guys were open and Tua was able to simply find one and sling it. Especially after a play fake, he would get his feet set, find no rusher near him, and throw it.
      Now the first two parts are the same…still nice play fakes, still has time to throw…But he’s not firing the ball. I think his primary is covered, and in that case, McDaniel has not given him checkdown options. I don’t think it’s his height because other QBs miss open guys too. I think it’s him needing one extra second. These plays are designed for a fast release. When he’s unable to do it, and when he has to throw WHILE scrambling, we’re seeing some deficiencies.

  3. I’m waiting to see the injury report tomorrow. Our guys were getting beat up all day long. Glad Tyreek’s hand injury isn’t serious. They say Achane might play Friday, but I’m not certain. Ramsey even looked a little hurt after the last interception. We will see.

  4. A win is a win and I’ll take it but damn did out coach and QB try to give that game away. As our defense is rounding into shape under Fangio, we need to stress safe fundamental football on offense against good defenses. The turnovers cost us the KC and almost this one.

    1st play of the 2nd half and Tua throws the ball right to the other team! What are we doing throwing the ball to a TE that is NEVER involved in the passing game just before halftime when we should be running out the clock? Take the points when you have a chip shot field goal instead of going for it on 4th & 1. It seems McDaniel is the only one who doesn’t yet realize our defense can win games now if we don’t giving them a short field to defend. I hate it when he gets greedy and doesn’t recognize that every game is unique and should be dealt with differently. It’s called situational awareness. When your QB is off all game and you’re defense is playing lights out, call a safe conservative game and roll to an easy victory damn it.

    1. Author

      So on Tua’s INT right after halftime, McDaniel explained it was a read route. Waddle has to read something and either go straight up field, or cut left. Tua has to read it identically, and either throw it straight or throw it left. Tua threw straight at the same moment Waddle turned left. McDaniel did not specify which guy F’ed up, but at least he explained what the mistake was: Tua and Waddle read the DB differently. Probably Tua’s fault, but might have been Waddle.
      As for the rookie TE fumble, I agree with you 100%. Some folks in our chat disagreed with me, but I hated that play call. A rookie TE with like 1 or 2 touches (if that) all year long? I know you want to THINK that he’s ready for the big leagues, but that was not the time to try him out. Yes, fumbles happen to even the most seasons pros, but something was off on that play and he had three guys ounce on him right away. 3 guys near the TE means that someone else must have been open. I think Tua should have found that open guy, whoever he was!

    2. I agree, on the 4th and 1, we should have kicked a field goal. we don’t have the toosh-push play, nor a powerful running game, so kick the damn FG. The easy-peasy point days of early season are not coming back.

  5. Author

    So the Jets have some new journeyman QB starting against us Friday. I know nothing about him, but I know he’s better than Zach Wilson. Zach is the absolute worst, and I was hoping to face him.
    Instead, on Friday we face a kid whose entire team will be playing their hearts out for him. the crowd will really be into it too. If Zach were playing, the crowd would be booing after 5 minutes. I think we have a better team, but without even knowing this kid, their offense just got a lot better.

    1. I don’t know though he could be worse than Zach Wilson. Jets have one of the worse lines out there. Aaron Rogers looked bad the first 4 plays before he got injured. Not saying Zach Wilson is good lol just saying his line could be making him look worse. Remember when they benched him last year they only won one game with Mike white against the bears. I believe Boyle played to after he g
      ot bench along with some guy named Chris Stover and didnt do much better. Also quarterbacks always fail with the jets. Look at Geno smith now with the Seahawks

      1. Author

        Let’s hope their O line continues to be bad!!

  6. Did Tua have another minor concussion event? or maybe he is experiencing relapse symptoms from previous concussions?

    I ask because it might explain his poorer play of late?

  7. oops. last Anonymous BB posts about 4th and one and about concussion was from FlyerPhin

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