When all was said and done, Dolphins management decided that the offensive woes were Jay Ajayi’s fault.  This morning, the top brass, including Adam Gase, told the world that the worst-ranked offense in the past decade will suddenly get better because our All Pro running back is gone. It defies logic.  2 shut outs in the first 7 games.   6 total points in our 3 losses.  Yep, it’s all because Jay Ajayi refused to run hard.  It defies logic. The Dolphins “punished” Jay Ajayi by shipping him off to a first-place team, where he’ll work under former Dolphin Doug Pedersen.   He moves to a teamRead More →

Let’s break down some of the scores within the 40-0 drubbing that Adam Gase masterminded. Joe Flacco 13 Miami Dolphins 0 Flacco didn’t even play a half game. Ryan Mallett 13 Miami Dolphins 0 Shoulda been 14 but for missed PAT conversion. Jimmy Smith (a defender) 7 Miami Dolphins 0 CJ Mosley  (a defender) 7 Miami Dolphins 0 The cat who ran around the field 0 Miami Dolphins 0 At least we got a tie! Dolphins Personals Fouls 3 Dolphins Offense 0 You get the idea.  And it’s humiliating. Don’t forget, the Ravens have the WORST run defense in the NFL.   Number 32.  And GaseRead More →

Great idea:  Let’s call a WR screen to Jarvis Landry so he can run into a sea of defenders for no gain.  When it doesn’t work, try it again.  And again. Better idea:   Never call a rollout for your QB.  Instead, drop him back straight and watch him get sacked. Alternative idea:  Never toss a pitchout to Ajayi.   Instead, run it up the middle each time. Smart idea:   Always always always snap the ball on “One.”   Never ever trick the opponent.  It’s unfair. New winning idea:    First down is always a pass.   Second is always a run.    ThirdRead More →

The last time Matt Moore played in a prime-time night game, he dismantled the Jets last December on his way to leading the Dolphins into the playoffs.   He doesn’t shy away from the big stage, so I expect no fall off from last week. However, the one thing that can derail Moore is Adam Gase and his continuous awful play calling.    Will we see screens to Landry for zero yards?   Will he call zero play actions?  Lack of innovation makes Gase’s offense far too predictable. Typically, the Ravens are contenders each year, but this season, they can’t put anything together.  At the beginningRead More →

I guess one interception by Bobby McCain was enough for the Dolphins’ management to think that they don’t need any depth at DB. Maxwell did not put up impressive numbers, but still, veteran corners are not a dime a dozen.   He added depth and attitude.  Remember last year after he got benched?  He came back and played really well.   Now if Xavien Howard gets hurt, we’d have to fall back on one of the untested guys.   With 4 tough division games coming up against pass-happy New England and Buffalo, I would have kept Maxwell around till the end of the year. Keep your eye onRead More →

Let’s start off by saying that Matt Moore looked horrible in last season’s playoff game vs. Pittsburgh and also the week before vs. the Patriots.    I do indeed remember those games.   I do not think he is perfect.   However, I also remember the Bills game.  The Cardinals game.  BOTH Jet games he won (last year and yesterday).  I’m ready to cut him some slack for those two bad games because he certainly makes up for it when his game is on.   Even after throwing an interception yesterday (which WAS his fault, not the receiver’s),  he was not discouraged.  He came right back out firing.Read More →

The Jets have come down to earth after laughably thinking they had a good team.   At the same time, the Dolphins are rising from the ashes and have proven they are not as dead as we all thought. Jets might put up points early.  Might even lead at halftime.  But we’ll wear them down. The Jets played the games of their lives last week and still couldn’t get past New England.  They topped out, and no where to go but down. Dolphins should win this easily today. Let’s talk…Game Day chatroom now open.   http://dolphinstruth.com/chat/  Read More →

Pass-happy Adam Gase continues to hand free victories to the opponents.  Jay Ajayi is unstoppable today, and yet Gase calls for pass after pass after pass. Thus we have zero points as usual.   Dolphins Truth Chat Room The Falcons had a chance to make me a fan for life.   All they had to do was run out the clock vs. New England in the Super Bowl, and they had me. Instead, they pulled an Adam Gase and decided to pass pass pass with a gigantic lead and a few minutes to go.  Thus, I am pulling for my Dolphins extra hard today toRead More →

Adam Gase continues to be the only man on the face of the earth who watches Jay Cutler throw grounders and air balls and then blames someone else.  Gase being wrong all the time is very frustrating.   But when he tells you that YOU’RE wrong, it’s infuriating.  No, Mr. Gase, we’re not wrong. When your team has scored just a few touchdowns after a quarter of the season is gone, YOU are wrong. When you haven’t reached 20 points in any of your games, YOU are wrong. When you keep blaming your offensive line and don’t realize that their coach is a whore-renting cokehead that YOURead More →

Dolphin fans everywhere will be rooting for Tampa Bay tonight to defeat the hated Patriots.  I’ll be studying the game since we have to play 3 games against those 2 teams coming up this year.  The Patriot offense looks as strong as ever this year, but their defense has already cost them two games.   Let’s hope it continues.  Half the battle when facing New England is to not get yourself overwhelmed mentally.  Kansas City and Carolina went blow-for-blow with New England and weren’t intimidated, and they won.   The week before, Houston blew multiple leads (and the game) by fearing NE too much, calling prevent defenses,Read More →

Monday Morning Update: As I expected, the media and casual fans are blaming Cutler.  He does deserve some fault.   But Gase’s atrocious game planning combined with Julia Thomas’s laziness are the main factors here.   I think it was one of the Herald hacks who said on the interception intended for Thomas, it wasn’t clear if it was Thomas’s or Cutler’s fault.  Are you serious?   There is not one play–not one single play–where the design is for the tight end to slowly jog straight ahead and not turn around whatsoever.  Sorry, but I refuse to blame Cutler for this mess when it is Thomas’s continued lackRead More →

UPDATE: Before I could finish this article, Julius Thomas just ran the laziest route you’ll ever see and cost us a red zone interception.  That was NOT Cutler’s fault at all.   When the lazy bum doesn’t even turn his head, it’s his bad.   I can’t believe what a bust Julius is. While all 53 Saints have vowed to stand for the National Anthem, the Dolphins’ players have made no such commitment. On the contrary, several Dolphins have already vowed to refuse to stand.  It’s a disgusting display of bad decorum, but it is their right. One such rabble-rouser is Julius Thomas.  He’s madeRead More →