The Dolphins hired Chan Gailey today as our new offensive coordinator.  I’m not opposed to this hiring, but I wish it had come a year sooner. A year ago, I was harping on the fact that Ross should have ordered inexperienced Brian Flores to hire a veteran OC.   He sorta kinda did that in Jim Caldwell, who couldn’t make it through the season due to health concerns.  So now we have Chan Gailey, who definitely brings the experience. I don’t question Gailey’s credentials, but I’m still at a loss for why Chad O’Shea was just dismissed.  We just won two games in a row andRead More →

Thoughts on the win? Thoughts on 2020 draft?   Seems like we will need a cornerback for the first 4 games next year, or possibly the whole season. Fellas…if your girlfriend yells at you, just walk away.  Let her spit on you, and cheat on you, and hit you, and steal your money…but just walk away without hitting her.  Jeez! Very very unsure and not to pleased that Chad O’Shea was just fired.  His offense is responsible for all 5 of our wins.  His defense did not give up 35 to the lowly Bengals.   This makes no sense to me.   We were on the rise withRead More →

As some of you know, I went to the Bengal game last Sunday.  It was great to meet reader Sean and his family.  I will admit right off the bat, that I left at the 2-minute warning.   I thought a 16-point lead with 120 seconds left was a safe lead, but what do I know? I decided to jot down my experiences Sunday and over the years, and ask you guys about your live experiences. Missing Announcers.  I’ve never enjoyed live sports as much as on TV.  I appreciate the analysis and the replays and the explanations.  Sitting in a stadium watching the refs huddleRead More →

In the past few days, I’ve seen several articles about how you have to try to win in the NFL. Chris  Grier said that tanking is impossible. Brian Flores says you must always play to win the game at all costs. These gentlemen, who are in charge of the future of our organization, are dead wrong. The question is… are they lying—which means they’re being wrong on purpose—or are they simply ignorant and not paying attention to the rest of the NFL? Sadly, I think they are utterly ignorant and unaware. And with the most extremely disinterested and unaware owner in the history of sportsRead More →

Make no mistake about it. Brian Flores did tremendous damage to the future of the Miami Dolphins today. His arrogance and shortsighted attitude have all but ruined everything the 2019 Dolphins set out to do. He won a game win in which there is no reward for winning…but a huge reward for losing. It’s simple common sense that the future of this organization is better off suffering some meaningless losses this year. Our coach, I hate to say, simply lacks that common sense.   Sorry, but I have to be blunt. Dolphin management set out to buy Flores a brand new Porsche in 2020.   However,Read More →

The Bengals are gonna win in Week 16.   If we simply step aside for them in Week 15, then Joe Burrow is ours.   It’s that simple. Due to ridiculous, convoluted, and ultimately unfair tiebreaker rules, the Dolphins still remain 4th for the draft.  (NOTE:   This is now THIRD, due to a series of detailed tiebreakers).   This despite losses to both the Redskins and to the Giants. In all playoff scenarios, head-to-head play is the first tiebreaker.   But for the draft tiebreakers,  in the bizarre world of Roger Goodell, that scenario is tossed out the window in favor of the antiquated notion of losing percentage amongRead More →

Dolphins Truth Chat Room I’m still depressed about Stephen Ross giving away a home game in 2020, and this nagging fear that we’ll be drafting 10th or worse in the 2020 draft keeps creeping into my head.   Just a sinking feeling to be a Dolphin fan, and the 2020 draft (which a few months ago seemed so exciting) is now at risk of being just another draft with a few extra picks tossed in. With Parker and Wilson both activated today, it shows Flores is trying to win.   It shows weak leadership from the top, since Ross or Grier can simply step in and decideRead More →

This is the third week in a row–with another coming next week as well–where the Dolphins can really help their future by losing. We had business beating the Philadelphia Eagles, but that pathetic squad from Pennsylvania didn’t get the memo that the Dolphins stink.  Somehow, the Eagles lowered themselves to our level,  and we overcame a 14-point deficit to earn the win and blow the draft.   Did you see the Eagles’ win on MNF?  The entire 4th quarter, all they did was pass the ball to their tight end.  Where the hell was that vs. the Dolphins? Next up were the Jets, who adequately loweredRead More →

Make no mistake about it:  It was a WIN for the Miami Dolphins when the Jets kicked that last-second field goal.  An absolute win. If we were in position to draft in the 14-17 range, then there is no harm in getting a few feel-good wins in December.  But we’re not in that range.  We are in the 1-4 range, and falling out of that range would be devastating.  We’re simply not going to get a marquee choice at #4, and probably not at #3. 2019 will be an utter unproductive failure if we don’t come out of it with a top pick, and weRead More →

I know this is a broken record at this point, but the Dolphins need to lose the rest of December and hope for Joe Burrow or Chase Young.   There is a steep drop-off (plus huge Tua question marks) after that. We simply can’t afford picking in the 3 slot of beyond.  Top 2 or Bust! Someone needs to get the word to Flores.  No more onside kicks, fakes, 4th-down risks, etc.  Just know you had a productive 2019, your job is very safe, and look for to coming out strong in April. CHAT ROOM LIVE AND OPEN AT GAME TIMERead More →

Although it would probably help the Dolphins if we lost that game, there was an awesome, funny feeling when we scored on that crazy trick play.  So I thought I’d open up a column here for us to discuss it.  We won’t be forgetting this play anytime soon! First of all, I don’t even know if you call this a trick play.  I mean, it was certainly a whacky, never-seen-before formation.  But the play itself was simply a QB rolling to his left and tossing the ball a few yards. The formation threw off the Eagles from the get-go, and it’s puzzling why Doug PedersonRead More →

Skip ahead.  Pretend it’s Draft Night 2020.   We gather around the TV and anxiously await the picks.   Will it be more exciting and profitable if the Dolphins can draft an elite player?  Or will it be more exciting to reminisce about the time we beat the Colts in a meaningless 2019 regular-season game? Don’t get me wrong.  Watching the Dolphins win is always, always a great feeling.   Seeing the excitement that Fitzpatrick brings to the game has been sorely lacking for years in Miami.  The feeling was great, but as the afternoon wore on, reality set in. Look at the chart below.   All those teamsRead More →

Former Dolphin QB Doug Pederson comes to town as coach of the Eagles.   For you youngsters, Doug was the winning QB the day of of Don Shula’s historic game that made him the winningest coach of all time. Doug then went on to be a Super Bowl winner as a player with Green Bay and as head coach with Philly.   Back when Stephen Ross was handing out jobs to the likes of Joe Philbin and Adam Gase, the Eagles hired someone who actually played the game and who actually had experience. The result?  Pederson won a Super Bowl for the Eagles with perennial backup NickRead More →