October 6: Mike Sherman Gives the Ravens a Breather, and then gives them a Free Victory. Remember our home loss vs. the Ravens, when we faced a 4th-and-forever in our own territory at the end of the game ? Tannehill completed a miracle pass to Gibson, which brought us into field goal range with over a minute left.  OVER a minute left. The offense raced up the field. Baltimore was tired. Exhausted. Withering in the Miami sun. They had just been stung on a miraculously lucky completion, and their spirits were down. They had a bunch of guys on the field who were only outRead More →

Where’s Dion Been? Is Dion Jordan Still on the Team? With a massive need at various offensive line positions and a questionable group of running backs, the genius triumvirate of SIP (Sherman, Ireland, and Philbin) decided to draft defense. Yes defense. THIRD overall pick is now THIRD-String. Wonderful mathematical correlation from the Genius Joey Philbin. It might not have been a terrible move if they would have drafted a defender in a position where we sorely needed it, such as in our secondary. Everyone except Philbin knows that Nolan Carroll and Rashad Jones are average at best and we need a MAJOR overhaul in theRead More →