In the 2020 NFL draft, the Dolphins had THREE first-round picks. Tua went first, and I think he’s been a solid pick with so much potential to show us in the upcoming years.

The next two first-rounders were absolute duds: Noah Igbinoghene  and Austin Jackson. Both were projected as mid-round picks at best, and 3 years later, I’m still scratching my head as to what Chris Grier saw in these guys.

They’re still young, but do you get the feeling that they are still learning and ready to take the next step? I don’t. I’m not criticizing Jackson here because he got hurt. That is not his fault. But in his third year now, we don’t see any improvement. Noah Inactive didn’t even dress last Sunday, having been beaten out by several undrafted rookies from colleges that no one ever heard of. How do first-round picks get beaten out by undrafted guys?

Jackson shows more potential than Noah Inactive. I was interested to see how he did at RT this year, as it seems that was going to be his full-time position (rather than constantly moving him around like Flores did). We will have to wait another month to find out…


  1. Wow. All I can say Tua is our guy!

  2. Oh Jeez, I lost count! Six TD passes. Amazing comeback and a very Marino-Clayton-Duper-esque performance.

  3. I mentioned in the preseason that I don’t think we have had 2 starting WR’s that have been THIS good – since we had the Marks brothers, decades ago.

    Tua Finally has some very dangerous, speedy WR’s.

    And if his OL can keep improving, and just give him some more time to throw – they WILL get open.

    Josh Allen did NOT really improve much – UNTIL he got Diggs to throw to – MUCH LIKE TUA HAS NOW.

    BTW – For those who didn’t get to record this Wild game (glad I did) – I’m almost positive that NFL Network will be replaying it on either Tuesday or Wednesday, as they do with the highest scoring, best games of the weekend.

  4. Tua was Tu-riffic in that 4th qtr. I had to take a second look as it reminded me of Marino out there. He can definitely throw the bomb.

    1. I just hope that this puts all of the QB BS out the window. Let Tua and the team focus on getting better instead of all the negative noise. He just proved that he can put points up when needed. Finds a way to win games that’s all that matters not stupid stats.

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