1. Yeah… that’s just like those Confederate flag waving yay-hoos, “they just won’t go away!”

    1. Author

      And which of those yay-hoos became multi-millionaires and sued their former employer?

      1. I hope the people who are reading your comment notice the “dog whistling you’re doing – “mult-millionaire, that ungrateful NIG…!!!” I told you once I was in the US Army for ten years and it takes many re-enlistments or extensions to do that much time, and every three years you do it (at least when I was in) you have to swear and oath to protect the Constitution of the United States of America. So it hurts me to my heart to see on Jan 6 2021 out of control rightwing storm troopers whipping cops ass who are there to be guards, invading our nation’s Capitol Building, and seeing Confederate flags being waved inside of it, among other disrespectful shit.

        By the way (even though it doesn’t matter), how do you know that Flores wasn’t a millionaire already before he was hired by the Dolphins organization?

        1. Author

          Other than thanking you for your service, I’ll ignore the political stuff, although comparing those crazed knuckleheads to storm troopers is an insult to the Star Wars genre!

          It’s very likely that Flores was indeed a millionaire before being hired as Dolphins head coach. He was the D Coordinator in New England and very well respected there for years, so I’m sure Robert Kraft paid him well.

          Reports out of Pittsburgh now is that he’s earning $500,000 per year to be the linebacker coach.

          So his last 3 jobs have been high-paying positions of power. So how on earth can he sue the NFL, saying that black coaches cannot be hired, when he himself is living breathing proof that black coaches do indeed get hired!

          Yes, I know his lawsuit is far more encompassing that that, but that is one of the main points.

          I think Ross fired Flores because he wanted to hire Jim Harbaugh or Brian Daboll instead. Those two guys weren’t interested, so Ross had to go to plan B and found the nerdy dude from San Francisco.

          1. I just wonder how you can prove the interviews were a sham. Unless you have some audio/video of the execs talking about it being a sham, I just dont see how this is provable.

            1. Author

              Sadly, I think many of them are a sham, and it’s a sham that the NFL forces the teams to conduct. Like if the Giants really wanted Brian Daboll, they are not allowed to hire him until they conduct a sham interview. And that is the NFL’s fault. I wouldn’t agree, but I would at least understand if the league forced you to hire a black coach. But to force you to merely interview someone? No one benefits from that.

              1. Ya, I am not arguing that they are not sham interviews only that it is hard to prove it is a sham. But I agree that many of these interviews are not legit.

  2. Condolences and prayers Dwayne Haskins his family and his teammates. I drive the 595 every day for work in the same area he was killed. Regardless of the circumstances, this is a tragedy and a horrible loss of a talented young man.

    1. Author

      Agreed. Such a young kid and a tragedy. With Big Ben retired, I think Haskins was sure to got a shot at playing QB and he had just re-signed. 🙁

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