Just keep telling yourself that it’s not the Dolphins’ fault that the NFL has some weak teams. It’s not our fault that no Dolphin win came against a winning team.

In general, we are beating the teams we are supposed to be beating, and that is a great step forward. In the past, we weren’t doing this. We would let the bad teams keep the game close or even win the game outright, leaving us with a sinking feeling, especially in December.

Step one of correcting that is complete, as the Dolphins won a laugher at Washington. Our backups played a majority of the game, and they excelled over the Commanders’ starters. It was a pleasure to watch.

We have two more doormats coming up, both at home. Then comes significantly better teams with Dallas coming to town, then at Baltimore, then the final game vs. Buffalo. I have to expect the worst and we lose those last three games. So winning the next two easy games is very important.

It’s way too early to figure out the playoff seed possibilities, but the Chiefs’ loss yesterday certainly helps. A Jags loss on Monday would be even better.

Jerome Baker’s knee is week to week, which is great news considering it looked like an ACL.

We play on Monday Night Football next week, but in a weird, stupid twist thanks to Roger Goodell and his infatuation with TV revenue, we won’t be the main game. There are TWO different MNF games next week, so we won’t get Aikman and Buck calling the game, but a couple of ABC b-listers.


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    The Jags’ loss is tremendous for the Dolphins. We can win out and be the #1 seed. We can even afford to lose a game or two and still be the #1 seed, depending on what else happens and a thousand different scenarios. It’s too soon to explore the scenarios, but a playoff berth, at the very least, is nearly in the bag.

  2. I like that we are taking care of Business. Great to have Achane back!

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      Agreed about Achane. He just adds something to the offense…at the very least, he makes the defense think twice every time he’s out there.

      1. Nice to see Jackson sign what a story. Kept telling fans that he’s young and has time and sure enough better coaching has helped him.

        Also nice to see the patsies get out of a top two pick hopefully they win a few more. Although need the squeelers to hold off the Jill’s for a playoff spot.

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          Actually, I was rooting for Pittsburgh. My whole focus now is keeping Buffalo OUT of the playoffs. I want all those bubble teams that are currently ahead of the Bills to stay ahead of the Bills. So now if the Bills win, they’re suddenly tied with Pittsburgh and much closer to a playoff spot. I like the Dolphins chances against any team in the playoffs…except the Bills. 🙁 Keep rooting for Colts and Texans and Bengals and Browns…even the Steelers!!

  3. As most of you already know, if we beat the next 2 doormats at home, AND the bills lose either one of their next 2 games vs. KC or Dallas – we clinch the division.
    Can anyone remember the last time we clinched our division ? (I can’t) Then the next goal of getting the #1 seed – and the coveted bye – and home games in all playoff games becomes the focus ….

    1. It would be nice if the Bills beat KC, then lose to Dallas. Dallas will then be over confident for their following game, their Xmas visit to Miami. is that too much to ask?

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        Your math is accurate. But I am soooooo hesitant to even look that far ahead. We have such a bad precedent when we control our own destiny. Hopefully the current Dolphins are too young to remember some of those seasons and hopefully McD keeps them focused on the next game at hand. On Hard Knocks, he was talking about last year’s 8-3 record heading into December and how they got over that and are now 9-3 this time around. But such a long way to go

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    And if you’re interested, HARD KNOCKS is usually for free on YouTube a few hours after it airs on HBO. This is shocking to me, because HBO is extremely meticulous and extremely fast to get its copyrighted content removed from YouTube. I tried to watch Game of Thrones on YouTube for years, and HBO would always block it. But apparently they can’t keep up with all the YouTubers posting downloaded copies of Hard Knocks!

  5. I really want to see a super conservative game plan on offense the next 2 weeks. The Titans and especially the Jets have terrible offenses so there is no need to run complex and exotic stuff…or throw the ball 40+ a game. The way our defense is playing, if we stick to the conservative script and don’t turn the ball over, we should win these 2 games comfortably.

    However, if we drop Tua back 40+ times and expose our beat up O-line to a constant pass rush, we will have a repeat of the Raiders game with unforced turnovers keeping an inferior opponent in the game until the very last minute.

    Another reason to play it safe, run the ball and trust our defense is so that we don’t give any strategic plays away and save them for the end of season opponents and playoffs. Makes no sense to show exotic play designs and new offensive wrinkles to these 2 opponents. Keep them in your back pocket for later.

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      This makes a lot of sense, and I agree. We’ll have plenty of time to change things up in the second half if the conservative approach doesn’t work early on. No sense trying fancy schemes when we don’t need to. That’s been one of my criticisms of McDaniel is his cute plays at times when we need brute force plays. I know Tua is concussion prone, but come on. Run a normal QB sneak when we need an inch

      1. just bring in White for QB sneaks.

  6. Regarding Hard Knocks – I can’t figure out Why there’s still one Very important person (coach) that has not been shown yet (not even once). Vic Fangio – where are you, and what kind of game plans are you cooking up for our (much improved) D. He must be flat-out refusing to be on camera (and hbo is honoring that) but we are missing out on seeing a very big part of the team, and not seeing his input, strategies, etc. Seems like they’ve shown everyone else but Vic ….

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      Yeah, i saw him in the background when they were outside running drills. But otherwise, he has been missing. Seems like the type of guy who wouldn’t love the limelight!

  7. I think I’m going to go to the Dolphins bar here in Denver to watch the game tonight!

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      I think it’s great that you found a Phins bar in Denver! Now that I have Sunday Ticket, I don’t go to sports bars for the games anymore, but I do remember those days!!

      1. It’s more expensive than getting the Sunday Ticket for sure! But I like going to the bar for one or two games a season.

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    A bit disheartening–but not devastating–to see both the Chiefs and the Rams choke at the end of games that we really needed them to win. Now tonight becomes a test of how resolved the Dolphins are. Is some bad news yesterday going to distract them? Or do they just plow ahead and win a very winnable game?
    Will they be looking ahead to the Jets next week (who will be playing with TONS of confidence now that Zach Wilson had a good game.)? McDaniel has to keep them focused and get this win.

    1. Agreed the rams especially choked that game away I was pissed! Had them multiple times in that game and blew it.

      I’d just take what’s there tonight no way are the titans going to rack up the points. Walk out with a win and healthy.

      Chiefs losing wasn’t horrible either as Fins don’t want to go there. We just need the Jill’s to lose a few more and they don’t seem to have any tie breakers with remaining teams.

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        Yeah, I want the Bills OUT of the playoffs. I like our chances at home in the playoffs vs. the likes of the Steelers Colts Browns Bengals, etc. But NOT Buffalo. All these teams are bunched at 7-6, and we need them to stay ahead of Buffalo, who is last among them due to AFC Conference records. Furious at Sean McVay for trying for 2 point conversion early. if he simply kicked the XP, the Rams win.

        1. I agree on the McVay two point attempt but it was mid fourth so I understand the decision. Too often i see coaches making that in two-point attempt poor decision earlier in game when there is still a lot of game remaining

          I was glad Bills beat the Chiefs. we really need to shoot for #1 seed, so this helps us with that goal. Bills will lose to Cowboys next week (Bills rely too much on Josh this year, IMO).

          But we all must focus on the Dolphins games at hand instead of the scoreboard watching. Starting tonight, let’s take care of Business.

          Go Phins!

          1. #1 seed is not important if the Bills are the opponent. I saw Allen wrapped up by four men, and he just walked away and completed a pass. And this happened a dozen times yesterday!! That kid is an unstoppable miracle worker and we need them OUT of playoff contention.

            1. Miracle worker sometimes, but he turns the ball over many times in his attempts to be that miracle worker

              Also, our defense is much improved since week4, so I am not as concerned as you are.

              I am more concerned about Tua health and Tua brain farts (like the back-back Picks against the Jets)

  9. That blown loss to the Titans was absolutely awful and very revealing.

    Where is Tua’s fire? does he care?

    new take: we won’t be going deep into playoffs

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