I hate to stop talking about the Ravens game, but it’s time to look forward.

I think if the Dolphins have a chance to win, it has to be a slugfest just like it was with Baltimore. I know Josh Allen is the talk of the town for all the NFL pundits, but I think Lamar Jackson is much better. We couldn’t stop Lamar, but we did enough to outscore him. That’s all it takes.

By the way, I was a Lamar Jackson doubter at first, and I believed all the hype about him not being an NFL QB, all he can do is run, not smart enough to manage a sophisticated NFL offense, etc. Man, did Jackson shut me up. He is the real deal and an elite NFL quarterback. I don’t think Josh Allen is at Jackson’s level yet, so we’ll see.

The Buffalo defense is probably better than Baltimore’s, but they are basic. They bowl you over and play a lot of tight coverage. Intimidation is the word that comes to mind. Not finesse, not trickery, just brute intimidation. The Titans stayed in the game a while last Monday, but by the second quarter, you could tell they were done. They were getting beat down by the Bills and pretty much gave up. Can Mike McDaniel counter that?

So even if we fall behind early, last week proved you can still come back. “We never give up” is such a cliche, but it’s actually true when you’re down 21 points in the fourth quarter. I bet many Dolphins gave up, and then slowly but surely the confidence began to build. Man, it would be sweet if we could duplicate that against the Bills.


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    Some good news out of Buffalo…

    Cornerback Dane Jackson escaped a potentially calamitous neck/spinal injury, but he’s not practicing and probably won’t play in this game. If he doesn’t, that means the Bills will have to start both of their rookie corners, Christian Benford and Kaiir Elam, which isn’t ideal against those two pass catchers (Hill and Waddle)

    If that isn’t enough to give you the shakes, both Buffalo safeties – Jordan Poyer (foot) and Micah Hyde (neck), who form perhaps the best duo in the league – did not practice Thursday and their status seems questionable at best. If they can’t play, it’s JaQuan Johnson and Damar Hamlin as the last line of defense.

  2. The defense needs to play better than they did against Baltimore and I hope Tua’s light switch stays on from here on out!

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      This is true. The defense only had one or two stops the entire game. The 4th down stop in the 4th Q was huge, but only one big play all day? Not enough. (Their goal-line fumble was just a mistake by Jackson and not really forced by our D).

      1. The D wasn’t great but it was clutch at the perfect time. Without those stops in the 4th it was game over. They will need to be better on Sunday though.

  3. You know McDaniel is aware of Buffalo’s injuries, and is game planning accordingly. Man, if the bills are actually not able to play their (starting) safeties and corners, come game time, They are in trouble.
    Since we will be at home, I would like to see some trick plays, to test their DB’s. Not a lot them (not needed) but maybe a flee-flicker, and a few jet sweeps, reverses, etc. This game could become a high scoring, wild shoot-out ….

    1. We need X to play as much or more than their guys as the Fins are already short Jones. They could double diggs and put X on the next best which would still give them all kinds of options.

      On O just as long as the oline holds up so will Tua. They will have to play 2 high safeties which will open up the run and short passes. Keep Allen on the sidelines.

      I do agree Lamar is nuts Allen just getting more attention but Lamar is faster and threw a pretty good ball last week.

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      Sean thanks I just can’t believe how many people hate Tua. They are never subjective about his ups or downs. Is this an Alabama thing or racial? I can’t put a finger on it all I know is I like to give everyone the same chance same criteria but Tua gets none of that. One mistake he’s hung on the cross….

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      A lot of Tua critics still want to hate the kid. I have been a supporter. But to be objective, BOTH TD passes to Hill were a bit underthrown, And the game-winning TD to Waddle was high and behind him a bit. Tua should have led Waddle from left to right, as he was running that way. It all worked out. Tua threw catchable balls. Yes, they could have been more catchable, but that is little nitpicky.

      1. Apparently Waddle said he made that move in the endzone and Tua hit him dead on. Had to go over the LB and right of the CB. Who knows but they made it work.

        It’s impossible to overthrow Hill. Very easy to underthrow him! I still think their timing is off and still had six TD’s! What a great problem to have they may get better with time. Some people will always complain no matter what happens but I prefer to enjoy the ride. Don’t get me wrong Tua will have his ups and downs but I’m expecting more ups moving forward as he’s gaining experience and the team’s improving in general.

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          That’s good to hear from Waddle actually. It was amazing to me to see our WRs so energetic and fighting for the ball on that final drive, while the Ravens were dead tired. The guy covering Waddle at the end barely put any energy into his leap. He just watched Waddle land with the ball and hung his head.

          1. All the motion added to their fatigue so when doing this it not only gets them off the line and causes confusion it also tires them out. Saw somewhere where the ravens dbacks ran crazy miles out there. Our mad scientist seems to know his shit.

  4. Let’s go Fins!!!!!!!!!! I can see them dropping 40 on them just as long as the D bends but doesn’t break they’ll win. ST may play a part as well so put Tyreek back there on punts tomorrow.

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