A lot of good things happened last season, but among the best was when we beat the Bills at home. It can happen again.

There were a lot of great plays last year, but one single play stands out to me, and I’ve been meaning to write this for a long long time.

More specifically, one particular PLAYER stands out to me on this one specific play.

I’ll keep you in suspense for a while, but I will say that this guy won the game for us, then was let go in the off-season, but now is back with us…just in time for another home game vs. the Bills.

His hustle and awareness won the game for us, and I want to share this now.

But first, as a refresher, we were winning this game and the Bills were driving. We held them on 4th and goal, and the place erupted. But then disaster happened. We did the famous butt punt. A safety. We had to kick the ball back to Buffalo nursing a 2-point lead.

It would be up to the defense.

So the Bills drove to midfield. And then this play happened: Click the Watch on YouTube link if needed

I want you to watch #6, MELVIN INGRAM. (now he’s back and wears #9). He’s lined up at right end. As the play begins, two blockers take on Jalen Phillips, which allows Ingram to stunt around them all and have a clean shot at Josh Allen!

But, alas, as always happens, Allen steps up and makes our guy miss.

Allen sprints right through Ingram’s tackle, as Ingram falls down.

But then keep your eye on Ingram.

He immediately recovers his balance and chases Allen, but then Allen got rid of the ball and threw a short pass to McKenzie, who begins to sprint out of bounds to stop the clock.

McKenzie makes Eric Rowe miss. He then makes Xavien Howard miss.

But after Howard’s miss, look who comes out of nowhere to make a tackle that truly won this game for us.

Melvin Ingram was literally the furthest man from the ball a few seconds earlier, having stumbled back into the Bills’ backfield. He never gave up. He got right up and chased Allen, then diverted his chase to McKenize instead.

He never assumed that Rowe or Howard would make their tackles. He just kept coming and coming and saved the day.

Ingram’s play here is the epitome of Never Give Up. He was dead tired and exhausted, but he hustled from beginning to end. I still marvel at this play a year and a half later.


  1. link did not work, but that would be Awesome if Ingram can play like that again (or someone else). we need fire! intangibles like that are also what Chubb brought to the defense, and intangibles like intensity and fire

    1. Yes great play Admin and it will take more of this tomorrow to get the win. Usually when the D is written off they come up with a big game. We must remember though that Fins are already in the Jill’s will have all of the pressure on them. That can cause some breakdowns on their end. Lot of talk about Ramsey on diggs they can’t let him run wild although they did a great job on Lamb.

      The game is also in Miami the O normally plays better there. I’d like to see a lot of running and take advantage of the TE being open in the middle.

    2. Stupid YouTube NFL rules. Look up “ Bills can’t get the snap off & lose vs. Dolphins” on YouTube. Watch the right end the entire play !!

  2. Guys just click at the bottom of the video box where it says “watch on YouTube” the NFL won’t let individual sites embed the video but you can still watch it

  3. Admin, as I watched other games yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice how those teams and players were pushing hard, really hard…I feel I don’t see that from Dolphins. Why is it that the past 25 years Dolphins don’t give that extra, junk yard dog effort that is very obvious with other teams? Too soft? Whether a factor once they become a Dolphin and their play becomes affected? Searching for what is the lack of absolute drive that as a Dolphin fan have craving. Is there a Seminole curse on the land where stadium is? I’m looking for something. Steven A. Smith said exactly what I think that they can’t handle when the big lights are on them-I hate when they play on national tv for his exact comment! It’s like they can’t handle all eyes on them…tonight it will be BIG & BRIGHT lights. They need to play near flawless football. Your thoughts as always.

    1. yeah, the players on this team don’t seem to be serious enough, almost a tad immature. when other QB’s make a mistake, I see them on the sidelines looking at the iPad, talking over previous play with someone else. (or throwing the iPad in Tom Brady’s case).
      learning from the mistake. on the other hand, we have Tua who sits on the bench by himself.

      Flores teams were the exception. Love him or hate him, Flores got his players to play hard and well, strong to the end of the season. his teams had winning records in the 2nd half of season.

      Maybe this explains why Flores was not happy with Tua

  4. Weather is what I typed. auto correct is frustrating

  5. I’m kinda hoping we lose tonight. If we win we’d have to play Buffalo again next week. I don’t want to play them 2 games in a row.

    1. Imagine on the way to winning the bowl the Fins beat the jills twice on the way. Now that would be incredible!

      1. After rethinking it and seeing what happened before halftime I say bring the Bills again next week. Plus their injuries are starting to mount.

  6. What last night showed is that Tua is an average QB when Hill and Waddle are not at 100%. They are the glue on this offense. Without them, we are an 8-9 team.

    1. So what would you call Mahomes then semi average? He’s done crap without any receivers too. He has had a great D all year though and still has Kelce but they are stumbling….

      I know people are mad but that was a team loss is Tua at fault for the punt return? Is Tua at fault because of the play calling and lack of running in the second half? Is Tua at fault for Hill dropping 3 catchable balls always at the worst of times?

      On a good note the D played well under the circumstances keeping the jills to 14 offensive points. The unjuries are ridiculous already. New trainers please if anyone wants to be mad call them out.

      1. Mahommes has been to two Superbowls and has a ring. He is a playmaker.

        Tua is not a playmaker. he is not an elite QB, he is average QB, or maybe a slightly above average QB at best, and one concussion away from ending his career

        1. You are missing my point. Yes Mahomes is widely considered to be the best yet he just had a pedestrian season because his WRs were trash. Yet when lowly Tua loses his WRs or in the past had none he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt. Of course he needs his WRs who doesn’t is the point. Mahomes, Tua whomever can’t throw and catch the balls unless I’m missing something.

          Did you see the last play? Claypool who couldn’t get separation was Tua’s option. He probably shouldn’t have forced it but that’s all he had. Did he run the weak ass route? Why didn’t MM have some closer options if deep was double covered? Why not run the ball lots of time was left? Yet it’s always Tua…ridiculous. If I were him I’d leave Miami and welcome back all the scrubs from the past 20 years.

          1. Author

            You calling John Beck a scrub? 🙂

            1. Sorry Admin I stand corrected! Seriously I’m not saying Tua’s the best or wasn’t at fault but this talk about its all his fault is just an excuse for the teams flaws. This includes MM. I personally prefer to dig deeper and that’s why I appreciate everyone’s point of view when digging deeper.

              Allen tried to give the game away Fins didn’t take advantage but it sure wasn’t because Tua missed a few passes… 7 runs in the second half is what I heard. Really?

              1. Author

                So tired of McDaniel’s excuses. Always the same. “The defense was giving us a different look.” Who cares? Run it at them when they know you’re going to run it at them. Did you see the Colts Saturday night? They handed off to Taylor like 47,000 times and it kept working!

  7. I agree McD play calls left a lot to be desired so Tua does not get the blame for the play calls. But Tua gets blamed for poorly executing and ADAPTING. Tua is the captain of the team. show some leadership or let someone else be captain.

    On the first interception, Tua was way short.
    on the second pick, he threw into double coverage. And the way Tua threw that ball to Claypool was as if Tua was throwing to Tyreek. speedy Tyreek saves his butt on a lot of passes, so Maybe Tua is getting spoiled by Tyreek’s speed?

    there is a clear trend this year against good teams: Tua is an average QB and not a playmaker, and McD gets out couched during games which leads to 17 points per game average against teams with winning records. Not going to win many games with that production.

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