It’s been a very long time since any Dolphin rookie has made so much buzz around the NFL. I dare say we’d have to go back to 1983 and a certain man who wore #13.

D’von Achane is THAT good. It’s mind-blowing to realize that he AVERAGES more than 12 yards per carry. That’s an insane number. He looked fine all day Sunday, so I’m unsure when or how he got injured. But these things happen, and the next man up has to rise.

Jeff Wilson is eligible to play this weekend, but in all likelihood, he won’t be ready. So expect Mostert, Ahmed, and Brooks to hold dow the fort. Jet sweeps to Hill are usually good for big chunks too, so our running game is not dead without Achane. He’ll be missed, but we’ll be okay. We hope!

Carolina is a really bad team. Just like the Giants. Tua single-handedly kept the Giants in the game way longer than they should have, so let’s hope this time, he protects the ball better and we have a laugher. I want to see Mike White and the reserves play in the 4th quarter because we have the game in hand.


  1. It is a huge loss, but one we can overcome. I expect Tyreek and Waddle to have a monster game vs. the Panthers. 200+,yards each. Hope X-man gets a pick 6 too.

  2. I just hope our beloved Dolphins don’t take this game lightly. The Panthers are looking for their first win and won’t take this game lightly.

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      For the past decade, I would have worried about a game like this. Dolphins tend to lose to inferior teams, and we allow some unheralded third-string tight end to have a career game against us. BUT…I think we have turned the corner, and I’m not to worried. Yes, the players must take this game seriously, but we should prevail. I think they learned from the Giants. Tua threw 2 horrid INTs and Achane dropped a fumble…and we still won fairly easily. Imagine if we played a cleaner game, it would have been a laugher.

  3. Weird, my gut is not worried either. Still getting used to that feeling 🙂

    Tua needs a lot of practice with the 2nd read when the pocket is collapsing on him. So I am okay with Tua making some mistakes in these ‘easier’ games (Giants/Panthers) in order to learn from experience and prepare for the tougher defenses

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      I feel the same way…getting used to winning games we are supposed to win…it’s an uncommon feeling for Dolphin fans in the past decade+.

      Also agree 100% on Tua. In the Bills game, all they did was take away Hill and bull rush us. By the time Tua realized that Target 1 was covered, the play was doomed. A fierce pass rush can be beaten with quick passes, but not when you’re looking for Hill downfield. That’s why I was so mad in the Bills game. We scored 14 points on two drives and matched them score for score. Short passes were working. And then McD got cute, and their pass rush began to devastate us

  4. Admin, so explain “By the time Tua realized that Target 1 was covered, the play was doomed. A fierce pass rush can be beaten with quick passes, but not when you’re looking for …”. I see it as Tua does not “read” the defense quickly enough BEFORE the snap, so when he’s got the ball, he can’t make the split second decision he should be able to and runs into trouble. Now you know I am not ragging on Tua just to rag on him-I like him as a person, how he loves his teammates, etc. But I never seem to feel confident with him as the player who can get this team out of a difficult position. Don’t get that… Marino is there so he’ll get done! Carefully understand it has nothing to do with him as a person. It’s purely football expectations. Your thoughts.

  5. That was me above, FinFanForever.

  6. FinFanForever,

    If I may share my take:

    I have been a big skeptic of Tua, but now I understand why – I was evaluating him on his 2nd or 3rd read performance, which is the moment when the pocket has already collapsed, and his short height is a disadvantage. Did you see the 2nd INT versus the giants? He was almost tip-toeing trying to blindly aim the pass over the lineman

    Tua’s super power is his quickness and timing (passing to space before the receiver gets there), so the first look (read) is how Coach McDaniel has designed the offense (to take advantage of this super power). That is why McDaniel covets speed. That’s basically it. Extra motion before the snap helps the success of that first read by confusing the secondary.

    Good defenses (Bills, Niners, Eagles….) will be able to take away or disrupt that first read, so then Tua has to WAIT and go to 2nd or 3rd reads. If the defense also has a strong four-man rush (like the Bills), Tua struggles and looks average.

    Which is where a strong running game will be our counter punch. So far, I am very encouraged!

    1. Good points. I think the Bills game should teach McDaniel some lessons about the routes. Maybe the 2nd read has to be closer to the first read…so that if #1 is covered, then Tua can quickly find 2. OR…like every other team does…have option #2 just be a RB waiting for a screen pass. Connor Williams did not play in the Bills game, and I think that contributed to Tua having no time all day long.
      But even when he has no time, there has to be a better “Plan B” in place

  7. Sloppy start to the game, but our boys still put up 42 points. To be honest I’m more pissed about the Giants/Bills game. The Giants should have won easily. They f’d up right before the half and the Referees gave a bogus roughing the passer call on Allen.

    1. Author

      After seeing the interviews, it appears that Tyrod himself audibled to that running play to end the half, or else the Giants would have won. Even when we don’t play him, Tyrod still finds ways to hurt the Dolphins. And at the end of the game? That play call was on idiot Dabol. They tried to pass to a well-covered WR in the endzone, who appeared to be Tyrod’s only target. But what bothered me was the lack of urgency on that play. Giants forgot it was the last play of the game with a win on the line. They ran a half-ass casual play as if it were 1st and 10 from midfield in the first quarter. With the game on the line, why not roll him out, give him options, allow several WRs a chance to get open, even let stud Shaquon Barkley carry the ball over….anything OTHER THAN a straight dropback pass that the Bills saw coming a mile away.

  8. All I can say is I am so glad that we didn’t get Brian Daboll as head coach. That guy is another Joe Philbin.

    1. Yes!! Fastass Dabol blew the game at the end of each half!! The worst play calls and clock management I’ve ever seen. How do you call a running play with 11 seconds left ?
      I wanted him last year before we hired McD. Sooooo glad the Giants took him off our hands.

      1. I would’ve called a run play also. Then I’d wait for Buffalo to call a timeout for us like I did that time against Green Bay.

        1. Author

          Just when I was beginning to forget about how that dolt Philbin set us back 10 years…

  9. … and don’t forget how “queasy” I’m going to feel after the game.

    Those previous fins HC’s – were absolute garbage, and had us in HELL- for so many damn years ….

    1. Author

      I remember when Ross gave him an extension. I wanted to scream!

    2. Stat of the Day:
      It took the Dabol Giants six games to outscore (71 points season total) the Dolphins week-3 single game total of 70 points.

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