A lot of blame to spread around, but let’s start with the main culprit, Vic Fangio. His garbage defense gave up 48 and 34 points to good offenses in Buffalo and the Chargers.

Horrible play calls and even worse use of personnel. Kader Kohou was undrafted for a reason, and he was utterly exposed Sunday. Not Kader’s fault, as he played hard the whole time. It was 100% Fangio’s fault for never helping the kid.

Cam Smith sat on the bench while Fangio allowed Kohou to hand the Bills 34 of their 48 points. Fangio is just awful. So much potential and so much hope, all down the drain Sunday.

I knew we were doomed early. On the Bills’ first drive, we had a rare QB pressure, and Allen had to hurry the ball. He threw a wobbly lame duck pass with no zip on it. The type that should be intercepted. By the time the camera moved to the WR, it was Diggs and he was wide open. I understand if a pass is a bullet and the DB had no time to get there, but this was a wobbler. Kader Kohou had 20 minutes to make a break on the ball, but he was beaten so badly already that he couldn’t get there, and Diggs had a big gain. To make matters worse, Kohou decided to shove him out of bounds for 15 more yards. Right then and there, Fangio has to recognize that if Kader is unable to cover Diggs on poorly thrown balls, he’ll be even worse when Allen throws good balls. Unfortunately, Fangio doesn’t realize things as quickly as we do, and the game was over soon after.

On offense, Mike McDaniel made tons of questionable calls (including an agonizing call to pass the ball on 4th down, instead of handing it to Achane, who was in the backfield with open field ahead of him s Tony Romo correctly indicated), Mostert fumbled twice, and Tua threw a garbage pass for an INT…but the offense was not at fault today. It was all defense.

Jevon Holland forgot how to tackle, and Kader Kohou forgot how to cover. Embarrassing.

The steam will blow off and we move onto the beatable Giants. But man, I don’t understand how no one showed up today.


  1. The team was still reading the headlines from the Denver game. The Bills used 2 tight ends, forcing the Dolphin safeties to account for them, and often leaving Kohou one-on-one. He is an emergency back-up at best. Diggs schooled him all day. Lucky that the Giants are weak at wideout, or they would repeat the same attack. Hopefully Fangio figures out how to counter that.

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      Interesting observation about the 2 tight ends. There were a few plays where I saw Raekwon Davis, a giant nose tackle, covering a tight end. I was hitting myself in the head, wondering why Fangio didn’t put in a nickel or dime DB instead. We literally covered a receiver with a down lineman. Now THAT is the definition of an offense forcing us into mismatches…and people say McDaniel is good at it? He got owned yesterday

  2. I agree our defense sucks. The only one who showed up to play is Van Ginkel.

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      The Bills definitely watched the New England tape. NE had overlooked AVGinkel, and he had a field day against Mac Jones. But Buffalo put bodies on him and the other end, Bradley Chubb, all day. When an offense is doubling down on the two ends, that means the pressure must come up the middle. Wilkins and Sieler simply didn’t get the job done. I saw Ogbah and Raekwon Davis in there too. But nothing worked.
      Combining zero pass rush with poor coverage, and you get 48 points allowed, and it could have been 70

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    As expected, McDaniel defended both Kohou and Fangio. I know coaches don’t publicly chastise people in this dat and age, so I hope deep down that McD knows these 2 guys blew the game and is not so polite behnd closed doors. X Howard is making news by saying he wanted to cover Diggs, but the game plan was for Kohou to cover him. X was frustrated, as were all us fans.

  4. The D has a lot to answer to, and was the main reason they lost. It’s very long ahead before they meet again, and we should have Ramsey back by then, but the O had a shit game as well.
    Tua is always psyched out by the bills D, every time he plays them – they get in his head, no doubt. Hill and Waddle were WAY underused, and not targeted nearly enough, they are the strength of the O. Guaranteed they will attack Tua the same way they always do, in the rematch. McD better have way more plays to counter them next time (reverses?shovelpasses?jetsweeps? ETC.!) – or the result will be exactly the same ….

  5. The defense just plain stunk. And I agree about that bad MM decision to pass on the 4th and one. Ugh!

    It’s interesting to see how average, underwhelming, and short Tua looks when the defense takes away his first read and the defense is successful at pressuring him with only four rushers. Losing Armstead did not help. He had some passes blocked (which did not happen in first three weeks) besides the additional sacks. I think he has trouble seeing down the field once the pocket starts collapsing

  6. Remember everyone it’s never as good or bad as it looks. Definitely frustrating at times but they are 3-1 and will beat the Giants if I have anything to do with it as I’ll be at the game. If anyone has tips let me know as it’s first time in Miami. Cheers!

  7. Also like the Claypool move doesn’t cost anything of substance and he can be a great redzone option. I’m sure if he doesn’t buy in he knows his career could go sideways fast.

  8. Jealous!

    Enjoy the home Dolphin Win, FlyerFinFan

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