A lot of stories breaking right now about Stephen Ross canceling the deal with his NY City partner Bruce Beal, who legally stands first in line to buy the Dolphins. Instead, Ross plans to now give the team to his daughter.

Is she a Dolfan? Will she actively work to help the team (and not hurt us like her old man does)? Or will she pull a Tim Robbie and abandon the team to collect a few billion dollars?


    1. Had a great game! He has been getting a lot of praise from the sports writers here in south Florida.

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        Definitely looked good, but I never get excited by preseason practice games. I remember Reid Sennet and Sage Rosenfels and countless others looking awesome in preseason…

  1. One could argue that after the Flores allegations and law suit, Ross saw handwriting on the wall(I.e. future penalties) and that is why he opened up the checkbook this year and allowed more wheeling and dealing because the next couple years will be compromised to some degree. Also, he probably had to promise to bring in more talent anyway, in order to attract someone to HC job

    be dry

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      It’s very possible. Ross did not fight nor appeal the NFL’s decision whatsoever, so he knew that handwriting was on the wall, you’re right. The fans and players are being punished for Ross’s actions, and that’s the unfair part.

  2. She can’t possibly be worse no? On a good note the Fins got the best of the tampons last week so much so that brady whined and left camp for a few weeks.

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      She cannot be worse, no. It’s impossible to be worse than Ross. We can only hope she is a Dolphin fan, which her father is not.

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      It amazes me to see the “hobbies” that these multi-millionaires come up with.

      1. Yeah. Personally I think players should wait until they retire from the game to do these ventures. Just my $0.02.

  3. Glad to finally be able to access your website again, as I could not – for a very long time – no matter how times I tried to “refresh” my iPad, it just wasn’t working for me.

    Yes, some of these “hobbies” and foundations that many of these way over-paid players come up with are a riot, but at least they are trying.

    Can’t wait to see the “Cheetah” and Waddle work their magic – much like the Marks brothers did decades ago.
    And if coach McDaniel is merely half as innovative as all the pundits say he is, then we should see quite a different offense than we have in many, many years.

  4. I just watched the replay of last nights game. I am not impressed with Bridgewater but I’m about to join the Skyler Train!

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