If you took all the times that Stephen Ross has screwed his own team and its fans, and you piled them one on top of the other, it would not equal what Ross did this time.

After years and years of hard work to obtain two first-round draft picks in 2023, Ross’s actions just cost the Dolphins their pick.

This is a man who WILLINGLY makes his team forfeit home games and play in Europe instead. A man who WILLINGLY REMOVES 17,000 seats from his stadium. A man who hired the likes of Arrogant Adam Gase and Clueless Joe Philbin.

The list goes on and on and on.

The Jets and the Bills thank him sincerely.


  1. So Flores is a liar and don’t get caught cheating. Unless you’re the Patriots 😜

    1. Author

      Flores knew that Bruce Beal was talking to Brady, and Flores decided to be a tattletale. He is a whining, ungrateful crybaby, but not a liar. 😉

  2. Our beloved team has been burdened by bad ownership for years. This episode is especially sad. But it’s the professional football team I’ve stood by since I was 10. Go Dolphins!

    1. Author

      As long as his favorite football teams win (NY Jets and U. Michigan Wolverines), Ross will be happy and won’t care about ruining the Dolphins.

  3. Admin, how many years have I been on Ross’s case on he that he needs to go. He should be asked to step down, as well as Beal not allowed to be the next owner and Ross begin interviews for new ownership. he f’d this team too many times. New coach, pretty much new team, a lot to look forward to this season and then we get kicked AGAIN by the owner doing his shister crap?? This cannot continue with this owner!

    1. Author

      Yep, Ross simply doesn’t get it. The sad part is that he thinks that his actions help the team, but they hurt. Like only a non-sports fan thinks that playing a home game in Europe is cooler than playing before 70,000 rabid Dolphin fans. Ross constantly wants to “showcase” his team instead of improving his team. I wonder if Venus Williams and Gloria Estafan got fined too. Remember, they are co-owners.

  4. Patsie fans are calling us hypocrites yet we actually want Ross to leave for this amongst other things whereas those idiots want to suck krafty and belicheats #@$*&** for doing 100 times worse to ruin the integrity of the game!!! Fins sure as hell didn’t gain an on field advantage by this idiot.

  5. So on top of all the other things the Dolphins can’t do right we can add cheating! We can’t even cheat right and it’s not bad enough that our current owner has screwed up everything he’s been involved in but his successor, the next hope seems to be as bad if not worse!

    1. Author

      Good point. Beal has a “secret” meeting with Brady and tells Ross. Ross the inept buffoon tells Brian Flores. Flores, rightfully fired after accomplishing nothing in three full years on the job, becomes a tattletale. How difficult is it for Ross to cheat and just not gossip about it. Cheat and shut up. Simple.

      1. You mean Flores inherited a winning team that was just one win away from being in the Superbowl but he somehow turned sugar into shit?

        “Flores, rightfully fired after accomplishing nothing in three full years on the job, becomes a tattletale”

        Gee, you’re so smart ADMIN. Flores inherited Tua, a QB even you had reservations about, and a team owner that you despised and made despairing comments about on your site. Also ADMIN, you’ve repeatedly said that Ross was a terrible owner and you wished he would just sell the team. Now make up your mind ADMIN.. is Ross a good owner of an NFL team like I’ve seen you write before on this site, or is he NOT a good owner?

        Make up your mind.

        1. Author

          Ross is the worst owner in sports history. When did I ever say otherwise?

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