It’s draft day, and I just realized I haven’t made a single post about it!   Last year at this time, we were all speculating.   Now we’re all waiting for the season.

I suppose one of our 4 picks could be a gem, but I’m not expecting it.  I cannot seriously think of one single current Dolphin who we can definitely improve on via the draft.   Sure, we MIGHT find a third-round tackle who is better than Austin Jackson, but if not, I’m content with Jackson still on his rookie (cheap) salary.

Backup linebacker?   Yes, I’d draft one.  But that doesn’t mean I’d automatically cut one of our existing backups like Duke Riley.  For the first time in a while, I like the roster and I’m somewhat content.

Except for Tua missing 5 games, we were very lucky last year with injuries.   The laws of statistics say that we won’t be lucky this year.  Depth is important.  We need backups who can step in and play well.  Perhaps we’ll get 4 more of those in the draft on Friday and Saturday.   But for tonight?  I might be watching reruns of the Office or something, because it seems like it will be a boring draft.



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    When the Dolphins eventually make their first pick (in Round #3), I hear it will be Larry Csonka making the call. In the past, they usually have Larry Little do it.

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    NFL Draft Winners on Night One: The Miami Dolphins.
    In exchange for a pick on Thursday and a pick on Friday, the Dolphins received the cream of the crop of NFL receivers. They will not be taking a chance on a rookie’s work ethic and adjustment to the pro level. They will not need to assess a rookie for 3 or 4 years. They know what they are getting, and it’s a helluva player.
    A nice First Round for Chris Grier !

    1. Sums it all up. Plus we get Hill for 5 years is a steal.

      1. Yep he’s the best player they could have received so no problem with Hill.

        I’m hoping for a MLB still a few on the board that are decent. Could push for playing time as the season moves on adding depth like you said Admin.

        4th round I may take that crazy punter haha!

  3. As I posted Dean LB goes….F me.

  4. Couple of good LBers still there but they’ll probably trade back…or take the punter. Can’t handle waiting any longer.

    1. Admin, do you know anything about Channing Tindal?

      1. I’m hearing nothing but good things and a lot of speeeeeeed! Love the pick myself.

  5. Yes, this off season and the acquisitions have a totally different feel than any season in a long long time. I am excited to see how it goes! I do think this year is Tua’s last shot to make the case. And I do wonder if the Phins are tooling up, not to help Tua (because they know he is unlikely the one), but to help attract the next quarterback, after Tua, in 2023.

    1. It’s definitely a back up plan but I believe everyone is hoping that Tua can be the guy. If so those two firsts next season can be used to plug all the remaining holes. They still have a lot of cash as well so that future looks great! Either way they should grab another developmental QB never hurts to find one in the weeds. Worst case you have two good ones great problem to have.

  6. That anonymous comment was me.

  7. I am not defending Ross here, and i would guess that Ross is guilty of some sort of tampering. But….

    Flores is using race because that subject gets the most serious attention, traction and scrutiny in today’s world, even if there is nothing there. Guilty until proven innocent.

    When it comes to affirmative action (Rooney rule), you can’t have it both ways. And what Flores experienced that was allegedly “racism” was only an artifact and consequence of the Rooney rule. This tells me his case against Ross is not super strong, or a slam dunk. Otherwise, why use charges of racism?

    As for his allegations against Ross, how much of it is standard operating procedure for owners? Wink-wink suggestions to coaching staff that they play the rookies and not try so hard. This has happened quite often before.

    I am still deliberating on Flores – is he simply a goody two-shoes snitch bitch, or was he greatly wronged? I hope this does not derail the Dolphins too much.

    1. sounds interesting. maybe a bigger Deebo wouldn’t that be sweeeeeet!

  8. RB Michel signed adding another dimension with bowl experience. I like it. Now please sign one of those vet DE’s for experience and depth.

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