Hmmm, now when he gets a carry on Sundays, can we still call him Sony Michelle Obabma in our live game chats?  Probably not!

Now that he is a Dolphin, we’ll respect him.   Could be a good signing.  We have a lot of RBs already, but I have to believe that Mike McDaniel sees something in him.

Also, the NFL continues its absurd and almost obscene habit of taking forever to release its schedule.  Like I say every year, sports that have 82 games or even 162 can figure out and release their schedules in about 10 minutes.  The NFL thinks so highly of itself that it makes us fans wait.  Anticipation?  No.  Annoyance.

This year, for example, I have several friends and relatives that I’ll be getting together with in various cities, and we want to plan our vacation around Dolphins games so we can all meet there.  Ever try to plan a vacation when you don’t know the dates?  Thank you, NFL.

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