The only thing worse than needing help is needing help from the hated Buffalo Bills.

The NFL is holding the games hostage at this point, so we don’t know what time any of the games are gonna be. We may be playing a meaningless game by the time kickoff rolls around. But we might be playing for a playoff berth. We need to beat the Jets and hope that Buffalo beats the Pats.

The latter should be easy. The Patriots are a very bad team. A laughably unprofessional offense, and yet they wiped us out today.

Let’s start with their game plan, in which Bill Belichick mopped the floor with the inexperienced Mike McDaniel. When we blitzed, Mack Jones was told to just throw up a lob, desperate Hail Mary. He did so 4 times on Sunday, and on the final dagger, we were called for PI. This is one of the worst starting QBs you will ever find. His coach knows it. His coach doesn’t ask him to find a checkdown or to be a hero. His coach doesn’t even ask him to complete a pass. No, his coach literally game plans for him to just throw it away as far as you can.

Meanwhile, the Dolphin DBs are NOT coached to look for the ball. Ever. The Patriots literally aim for PIs, not completions, and we give it to them.

Meanwhile, Hill and Waddle only got a handful of touches while Skylar Thomason kept trying throw 2-yard passes to Alec Ingold, who’s playing with a cast on his arm, and trent Sherfield, who can’t catch.

Can’t McDaniel say into Skylar’s headset, “Remember, this is 4th and 20 with the season on the line. Do NOT throw a 2-yard outlet pass or we lose.”

When did the NFL create that new rule that Hill and Waddle are not allowed to be targetted after halftime?

Meanwhile, Mike McDaniel decides to go for a 51-yard FG into the wind instead of pinning an ineffective Mack Jones deep. Has McDaniel watched Jason Sanders this year?

Meanwhile, Teddy Bridgewater decides to tackle a guy who’s already in the endzone, and ends up breaking his own hand. Only in Miami.

The list goes on. And on.


  1. On a positive note….. I didn’t watch the game today!

    1. Author

      Watch the first 2 and a half quarters, then pretend it ends there with a happy ending.

  2. Author

    The NFL has announced the Chiefs-Raiders game will be Saturday. This falls into the theory that the league is really really pushing for Buffalo to make it this year.
    Because, depending on the outcome of the Bills-Bengals game tonight, the Bills could know if they “need” to win their game on Sunday. They may be one of the few teams on Sunday who already know in advance if they can rest their starters.
    This affects us, of course, because we need them to beat New England. We already are doomed with a 3rd string rookie QB, and not the NFL potentially is letting the Bills know that can can rest up vs. the Pats.

  3. Maybe we have the wrong ‘TB’ as backup quarterback? 😁

  4. I continue to be unimpressed with Teddy Bridgewater. He does enough good stuff to tease us, but the final outcome is broken, literally. Who knew he was this fragile.

    On a positive note, I thought Skylar looked comfortable and played pretty well. His Interception was more on T-Hill. And I loved his 3rd down scramble for first down (called back because of illegal motion), and his ad-lib scramble for his first TD pass. I am encouraged!

    1. Author

      Seems like a zillion years ago, but in the Bengal game when Tua was carted off, Teddy came in and played so-so. “Unimpressive” is a fair word. I think we were down 3 or 4 points and driving late, but then Teddy threw a bad INT late that basically sealed the win for Cincy.
      Skip ahead to the Pats game, and it was the same scenario. But this time we had the lead and our D was lights out against inept Mack Jones. If ever there was a time to play it safe, that was it. Instead, Teddy threw another late INT and cost us the playoffs. I don’t know who else is out there, but he’s proven to be mistake prone and not durable. I have no enthusiasm to bring him back in 2023.

      1. Yes Teddy should be let go I’d rather Thompson continue his growth with the team. Heck even draft another QB to groom why not you may find a diamond.

        You are right that the KC game should never have been moved to Sat that was BS but after what happened last night Fins may have caught a break. Buf should be playing patsies now this weekend and will have to win to stay in range especially if they give them a loss from last night. Even if they replay that game making it week 19 they won’t know in week 18 where things are at.

        1. Author

          Yeah, it’s all really messed up now. The Bills are going to have to play with a heavy heart, so they may come out fired up and inspired for Hamlin, or they may be distracted and not on their A-game. Selfishly as Dolphin fans, we need them to win. I have a feeling the Bills will destroy the Pats on Sunday, but we’ll probably lose our game as well. So the Steelers will get in!

          1. Unfortunately I think that you will be right although the jets are terrible too. The Fins would just need to play a decent game without doing anything stupid. Is that even possible? Maybe the kid Thompson will just run for first downs all day and take check offs that would probably be enough unless Sanders misses every FG which is possible.

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