Winning out now is the only way to guarantee a playoff berth. One win and One loss can still get us in, but–as usual–we’ll need help (which we never seem to get).

Compounding matters is that Tua is in concussion testing again, meaning that Teddy Bridgewater will 99% being starting Sunday in Boston. This is not horrible news. Teddy’s been adequate when he’s been in there. His inconsistencies have been the result of bizarre circumstances.

When Tua got hurt in the Bengals game, Teddy came in ice cold off the bench and did what he could. The following week, he got a full week of practice in, and led us into the Jets game. On his first pass, he was called for the worst intentional grounding of all time, in the end zone. That cost us two points, gave the ball back to the Jets, and knocked Teddy out of the game with an alleged concussion for which he showed zero symptoms. One play and he was done.

Skip ahead one week when he was healthy against vs. the Vikings. Our kid coach inexplicably started Skykar Thompson over a healthy Teddy. Thompson broke his thumb in the second quarter, and in came an ice cold Teddy yet again.

Three weeks in a row with an appearance, and none of them were “normal” situations. Twice he had to enter a game in the second quarter, and the game he started was taken from him by the refs.

All this to say…Let’s see what he can do on a level playing field with a week of practice with the first team. I think we might be surprised.

The Patriot offense scares no one. 18 points last week. The first touchdown was a brutally bad pass for a pick-6 that Joe Burrow gifted them. Say what you want about Tua, but his 3 interceptions last week cost us only 6 points. Burrow gave the Pats 7 points on one pass. The other Pat TD came on a deflected hail Mary desperation toss. Hardly an offensive machine up there.

This game is monumentally huge. If we win and the Jets lose to Seattle we are in. Seattle is still alive and therefore will be trying hard at home. Jets get back Mike White, who is way better than Zach Wilson. But is White THAT much better? We shall see. As I said above, we never ever get help when needed, so I expect the Jets to trounce Seattle. I think we will beat the Pats.’

That sets up the Jets returning to Miami for Week 18 and the winner going to the playoffs…


  1. Good spin on Teddy, I’ll buy that!

    Did you see the play in which Tua banged his head? Tua was tackled from behind and as he was scrambling forward. I am not sure how Tua ended up on his back for the head whiplash into the ground.

    Hate to say it, but for his own long term health, I think Tua needs to retire. He is way too small and light for NFL and the manner in which he often is tackled and thrown to the ground will lead to more concussions. That’s the reality. 🙁

    1. Author

      I think all players know the risks. If he were to step aside, the media would call him a baby. If he keeps playing, then the media says the Dolphins or Ross are forcing him to. It’s lose-lose for some players.

      1. I agree, if he continues to Play, the media will be ready to pounce and very critical of Dolphins/Ross. But I think the media understands the situation if Tua decides to retire. We all saw the TNF concussion event. We all saw the MENTAL lapse of his three Christmas interceptions.

        But going forward, Tua is also a risk to the Dolphins team. We lost the game on Christmas because he was suffering from concussion affects and threw those three picks. He should have come out at halftime. That situation will happen again if Tua continues to play.

        1. This does explain a lot but no one had a clue that he had any concussion symptoms during the game. Was it that I would have to say yes.

          I think this is up to the player if he wants to play. Just as long as he feels well of course as you don’t want him playing badly or getting hurt badly.

          I just don’t understand why they weren’t kicking the ball through the endzone? Sanders can do it easily but everything was short even after the return TD.

          1. Author

            And again, our kid coach doesn’t get it. He just told the patriots, with 4 days’ notice, who is starting Sunday.
            Now they can alter their entire practice plan. Really stupid for him to do this. AGAIN

  2. Author

    I’m still so angry at McDaniel for announcing that Teddy will start in Sunday. Fine, let’s protect Tua’s brain and have him sit a game, but DO NOT tell the Patriots that fact 4 days in advance.
    Successful coaches are coy about injuries. The only injury report that matters is at game time. McDaniel had 4 days to make Belichick wonder and worry and game-plan for a lefty. Now it doesn’t matter.

    1. I don’t think he had a choice Admin as the players union and league were involved immediately word got out. Plus the sooner he goes into protocol the sooner he could technically get out if that even happens this season.

      I’m at a crossroads on this as I’m not a doctor and he’s not my son. Even if the league lets him come back I think it’s up to him whether it be this year, next year or even ever. I think he’d be fine next year but who the heck knows anymore. I’m just not sure why he twisted to his back but I guess it all happens so fast.

      As per Teddy I think he can get it done. If Tua was affected during the game which is probably the case I think Teddy comes in and wins that game for them. No way he throws 3 ints in the 4th qtr.

      1. Author

        I’m with Teddy 100%. He does have to face a tough Pats defense. But he has experience and some stars to rely on. His job is just to get the ball to them. And our own defense has to face a laughable offensive mess that the Pats have going on now. Won’t be easy, but Mack Jones is very very beatable.
        I just think that you keep Tua away from practice and tell the media that “It’s a gametime decision if he passes concussion protocol” hell, Terron Armstead NEVER comes to practice. He just shows up on Sundays. You don’t have to tell the opponent anything except who was at practice or not.

        1. I’d agree with your point if we were talking some other injury other than head/concussion.

          But McDaniel really did not have a choice w.r.t. to announcing Tua’s concussion. NFL/PA has now initiated a ‘joint review’, so his concussion status is bigger than the Dolphins upcoming game.

          1. You are correct unfortunately Tua’s a media magnet everyone loves talking about him. If the Fins played the maybe he can play role they would be scolded to the end of the earth and back. Meanwhile pitts rookie QB you don’t hear a peep and he had back to back concussions.

  3. For me, reality is really sinking in (even more).
    Dolphin’s future will have to proceed without Tua.

    I love Tua’s heart, passion and skill set and personality, but he will always be a risk to the team because of his concussion situation. For Tua, concussions are a feature, not a bug.

    And what happened on Sunday will happen again – this year, next year…

    On Christmas Sunday, Tua suffered subtle, but significant enough, cognitive impairment. Subtle- enough that no-one noticed until Coach McD noticed something off in the film. Significant-enough that he struggled with executing the correct play, and with throwing the ball to defenders.

    I don’t see away around this terrible situation. Do any of you? 🙁

    1. Author

      It’s hard to say. In some ways, a concussion is like other injuries that can and do eventually get better. Do we ask the kid to retire because of PAST injuries? Do we cut him and say “It’s for your own good?” Those aren’t viable. On Sunday, he functioned sorta/kinda okay on the non-interception plays. It’s not like he looked woozy on every single play. The drive after GB had tied it up looked really good, and would have given us the lead and some momentum had Sanders not shanked yet another kick. Personally, I don’t want to see him become a scapegoat for the NFL. I GUARANTEE you that other coaches have seen their starters show some symptoms and just kept it hidden. It’s the will to win. There is no media scrutiny on anyone’s injury except Tua. If he hurt his hip last Sunday, there’d be the media screaming about “He never should have played in the pros. His Alabama hip injury is back. He should retire.” I don’t think the situation to too dire yet, but it’s definitely something to keep our eyes on. I tell you won thing…this will be a bit of a moot point if Teddy Bridgewater can string a couple of wins together and earn the job heading into the playoffs. If no and if we blow that once=promins 8-3 record, then we’ll know we need a healthy Tua more than ever.

      1. Agreed Admin the concern now is that the concussions just occurred. He may completely heal during the offseason and never have them again. Either way they will always need a good backup and because of this his salary should remain under guys like Dak because of this. The team should continue to draft QBs every year anyway with hopes to improve or have cheap backups. Maybe Thompson is the guy going forward but hard to tell. Purdy seems to be decent in a good situation as another example.

  4. The fix is already in for a playoff show down next week with New York Jets . Armstead, Tua, Howard all out. Nfl wants big games instead of duds next week.

    1. Author

      If that is the fix, the refs will lets us win today! Then they let NYJ win at Seattle this afternoon. Without X Howard out and Byron Jones gone all year, we woulda had Needam as our #3 CB. He’s out too. The the 3 guys today will be Noah, Vader, and Campbell/Crossen? Literally, with no exaggeration, we will be starting our 4th, 5th, and 6th strong CBS. A 6th stringer. Luckily, it’s only Mack Jones we face. They will hand off to Stevenson a lot today. Also, their own secondary is is worse shape than ours, LOL

      1. It is truly ridiculous. If Miami loses patsies and Jets win you would have a three way tie or more for playoffs next week. Nfl wants this.

        How on earth do you have that many injuries with a big game on the line. I’d go out with one arm sawed off! Chubb out too they virtually took half the starters out not including all those CBs you mentioned..

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