DeVante Parker is now a Patriot.

The Dolphins have traded their oft-injured WR to New England for a 3rd round pick in the 2023 draft.  I was really hard on Parker during his first few years.  His lack of effort killed the Dolphins numerous times per game.  But then he really turned it on.  He began to reach for balls and use his height.   Never a speedster, he used his lumbering route-running and strength to fight off defensive backs, and really got better.

2021 showed, however, that Jaylen Waddle and Mike Gesicki are the Dolphins’ prime threats.   Adding Tyreek Hill to that mix makes it a 3-man WR room.  A few extra backups and afterthoughts won’t be as important.  We still have Preston Williams and some new guys.  I rarely say this, but the Dolphins had a good player who is expendable, so they traded him.   Not a bad move.

Xavien Howard is reaming a Dolphin, and that is great news.   In a year in which Chris Grier devoted his money to keeping our defense in tact, this was the icing on the cake.   The only move I was worried about, and now we don’t have to worry.   Howard deserves the raise and everything.  Unlike last year, he handled it well this time around, never threatening to hold out or distract.  He went about his business like a pro, and the Dolphins rewarded him for that.  Well done!


  1. So glad to have X locked down!

    1. Author

      I definitely agree. I’m pleasantly amazed that Grier was able to keep a very young, very promising defense together. No one major was let go or traded. We probably just need some depth in the draft, but the starters should be set now.

  2. I have to say that I’m pretty optimistic about what they have done so far this offseason. Not sure if Tua is a franchise guy but at lest it looks like they are going to try and field a team that will give him a chance. I haven’t even looked at the coaching hires yet (I’m talking assistants and position coaches) to me this will tell the true story. We have a never been as head coach so I’m hoping to see some experience around him. I probably won’t even look until preseason.

  3. I’m just daydreaming about how much better Tyreek Hill will be by being coached by Wes Welker. The possibilities are endless.

    1. Author

      I’ve been studying Mike McDaniel articles as much as possible since he was named our coach. One training technique that comes to mind is that he made his WRs in San Francisco study game film of NBA players like Allen Iverson. When he had the ball with a guard in front of him, his first step was so explosive that the defender had no chance. I thought that was interesting. Imagine if a WR got off the line of scrimmage with the same firepower as AI had! I think McDaniel can really be innovative, and that is a great thing for the Dolphins. My question mark is his game management. Brian Flores was stellar in a lot of his defensive schemes, but I felt he was lost at times with game management. Not just misusing challenges and timeouts–every coach blows those at times. I mean Flores’ overall management of 53 men and a lot of coaches. He came across as “still learning,” and I hope McDaniel is beyond that.

  4. Yep can’t be displeased with anything so far. If they can end up with an ILB or C upgrade or both it will be a home run off-season. They still have a few picks left this year so they can go that route or work a deal with a cheaper FA. Should be possible to do both at least add competition.

    1. Author

      ILB is a good option to try to improve. Our LBs are steady nowadays, but adding a ballhawking beast would be a great improvement. I think the starters are adequate currently, but none of the backups have shined in Miami yet. Calvin Munson and Duke Riley, for example. Let’s see the next Zach Thomas come to us in the third round!

      1. That’s exactly it I know they aren’t in 4 LB too often but they still could use a killer on the inside as Baker was a lot better outside. Roberts isn’t horrible but he’s more of a run stopper and limited in coverage. If they can upgrade there I think the D could hit the next level. I think it will be better anyway as the young guys improve.

        I say C as Dieter isn’t horrible but he’d be a great backup to someone better. C may be easier to find in FA as guys like Tretter are still there. LB I think has to be in the draft.

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