After a slow start, the Dolphins hit a couple of potential home runs with the acquisition of a player who everyone knew would be available (Terron Armstead) and a player who nobody expected to be available (Tyreek Hill).

Both are devastating weapons that immediately bolster our team.   There is no wait time involved.   No patience need to develop a guy.  No experimenting with how to use a guy.  I have no doubt that these guys are still prime, All Pro players.  The only concern is keeping them healthy.

Armstead was on the radar for a long time, and as the days went by, he remained unsigned by anyone.   Then the news broke about him “coming in for a visit.”  Then a day later, he was a Dolphin.  This was tremendous news.  We have the best player out there immediately filling our biggest need.  His salary is gigantic, but we did not break the bank.  We have plenty of extra cap room.  Did I mention he plays offensive line?  Did I mention our offensive linemen the past few years have been, errr, a bit less than stellar?

The Dolphins have signed other top-tier free agents, only to see them fizzle out.  Kong Suh comes to mind (although I feel he played well and his lack of production is Philbin/Gase’s fault).  We tried Brandon Marshall, who played well but didn’t live up to the major salary and capital invested in him.  Will Fuller?   Bust!  Older Dolphin fans remember other free agent busts like Steve Emtman.  I don’t know, but this Armstead deal seems different.   If he ends up being merely “good enough,” then it’s an improvement of what we have now.  And the best part is that the Bills or Pats or Jets did not get him.

If Terron Armstead is the best NFL player in the trenches, then clearly Tyreek Hill is the best NFL player in the open field.  Tyreek Hill can turn anything into a touchdown, from almost anywhere on the field.  New coach Mike McDaniel doesn’t seem like someone who will ignore his playmakers.  I envision a lot of creative ways to get Hill the ball.  Besides that, Hill can be used as a decoy to get the ball to Waddle or to a RB.

Imagine a scenario with Waddle and Hill both lined up wide to the right.  They both sprint forward, each taking a DB or two with them downfield.  The safety comes over to help.  That’s 3 or 4 defenders chasing them, leaving the right flat wide open for a screen pass to an RB, covered by a slow LB.  Or a crossing pass to Gesicki running left to right.  For years, the Dolphins never made space.   The play designs didn’t rely on the creation of open space, so let’s hope McDaniel is better than that.

Speed kills, but only when it’s used innovatively.

Armstead will cost us money only.  Hill cost us money (a lot) AND draft capital.    Five draft picks for one man might seem insane, but I don’t think it’s overpaying.  First of all, you must consider that our first-round pick was 29th.  That might as well be the second round.  Our next few picks and the ones we gave up next year were a mixed bag scattered throughout.   If we are going to give up our first-round pick, then THIS was the year to do it, since we were at 29 anyway.

Chris Grier was wise enough to hold onto BOTH of our first-rounders next year.  Yes, Grier sorta/kinda blew up our 2022 draft, but it’s the perfect year to do so, since there are no consensus “can’t miss” prospects out there like in years past.   We gave up the 29th pick, NOT a top-5 pick.  Big difference.  No matter what happens to the 2022 Dolphins, we retain TWO #1 picks next year, and I give Grier credit for not parting with them.

I’m really excited about these two terrific signings, and I look forward to McDaniel utilizing them.

As for the rest of the signings…

O lineman Connor Williams is certainly a better option than the recently cut Jesse Davis.  Cowboy fans lament his holding penalties, but I can live with that as long as he’s a consistently good blocker.  And from I’ve seen, he is a good blocker.  If they pair him up with Armstead on the left side, that could mean trouble for defenses.  Tua is a lefty of course, but if we can consistently give him time on at least one side of the field, we’ll take it.  It’s an improvement over what we’ve given him his first two years.

Two new running backs have come in:  Raheem Mostert and Chase Edmonds.  There’s a lot of buzz about these two, and I’ll be optimistic.   However, it could be “more of the same old same old” for the Dolphins.  Both these guys are small.   Neither of them was deemed good enough by their previous teams to be a starter.  Neither was deemed good enough to be retained by their former coach.

Same with Cedrick Wilson, the Cowboys’ WR we signed.  Fast and a great athlete, but a career second stringer.

All these guys are highly rated, and the none of the pundits are criticizing the Dolphins for signing them.  They are young and potentially have a lot of good years left.  While I’m not overly excited about these guys, I think they were good signings to shake things up on offense.  The status quo simply was not cutting it, and I’m glad Grier realized it.


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  1. This just in X has been resigned as they promised. I’m not sure about the cap hit but I bet it’s front loaded and will be manageable. Hopefully give them more room to fill some more needs.

    Can’t disagree with the rest of what you said but I’m normally optimistic so I like most of it. There will be lots of SPEED!

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