Mike Gesicki did everything he could to defeat his old team, and he came up inches short.

Last week, I commented on how Justin Herbert allowed himself to be tackled on 4th down with the game on the line, when instead he should have just heaved the ball up and hope. Fumbled on purpose. Anything! You’re about to lose, so why not try something desperate?

That’s exactly what Gesicki did. The game was over, and he knew it, so he had nothing to lose by lateraling the ball to a guard. Brilliant play.

The stars were aligned for the Dolphins, however, as we barely tackled that raging bull. It was sloppy tackling that should not have allowed him to get as far as he did. Jevon Holland should have just lifted up his left leg. AVG should have knocked him backward instead of trying to arm-grab the ball. And Eli Apple came charging in but missed a direct hit. And yet we won!

For the record, I think the final spot was correct. Just short. But I also don’t think it was enough visual evidence to overrule the call on the field. We’ll take it though!

That type of call never ever went against Bill Belichick, and certainly not at home. The tide is turning.

Long after the game when they were doing post-game wrapups, in the background Gesicki and Durham Smythe were talking and laughing with Skylar Thompson. It was nice to see them still being friends.

Jaylen Waddle is now in concussion protocol, thanks to the dirty cheap shot when someone dove into his head. They should suspend the defender for any games that Waddle misses, plus fine Belichick for whining about the call. He knows it was dirty, and it seems like he condoned it.

A lot went wrong Sunday night to make this game closer than it was. Sanders missed two FGs. Tua muffed a snap from center on 3rd-and-1. Waddle missed an easy pass over the middle when we were backed up deep. Tua threw a bad INT, and Hill was really slow trying to defend it. The refs picked up a flag after Achane was illegally hit in the head, and they looked the other way when Hunter Henry illegally caught a touchdown pass while two Patriot O-linemen were illegally downfield.

How does ALL of that get missed on one play? “A bunch of illegal stuff on that play,” as Cris Collinsworth accurate pointed out. If the refs didn’t help NE so much, we would have won in a much easier fashion. But we’ll accept the nail-biter win! Now Denver comes to town, and we’re likely without Waddle.


  1. Remember the last time Denver was in Miami?!!!!

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      Yes, sir! Justin and I met at the Denver game when X had his first INT and a touchdown. We scored two safeties on them as well !

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    From reader Sean.

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      Admittedly, I am always confused about ineligible linemen rules. But from what I understand, and why Collinsworth was so baffled, is that on a passing play, the linemen cannot be past the line of scrimmage.

      1. This play was also addressed by Chris Collinsworth who noted the infraction. Henry was also a blocker on this play making him ineligible to catch the pass. One question- since all touchdowns are “reviewed” why wasn’t that noted by the reviewing officials? It’s always something controversial whenever a team goes to Foxboro to play Belicheat. I’m mean Belichick. Just my $0.02.

        1. Always happens in NE but you are right why didn’t the league reverse it upon replay? Probably some BS not reviewable play. You could see the defender confused because he beat the block of Henry only to see him catch a TD right after. All I can say is Belicheat!!!

  3. And I’m guessing that ineligible lineman downfield is NOT a possible replay challenge situation – (nobody mentioned this) – but it definitely should be. It would be very easily seen, and quickly overturned.

  4. What do you guys think about the constant snapping issues? Does he need replaced?

    1. You would think as much shotgun as we run there wouldn’t be so many snapping issues. Hopefully as the season goes on it will clean up. it just better not lose us a huge game down the road!

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