I was watching the Steelers/Browns game the other night (Thank God a million times over that Stephen Ross ended his infatuation with Deshaun Watson). On some plays, the Steelers used six offensive linemen, essentially having two left tackles.

They ran sweeps that way, and had good gains every time.

It got me thinking about if/when Terron Armstead is ready to come back. Kendall Lamm has played beautifully at left tackle for two games, and he deserves to keep playing. I don’t think we should immediately bench him when Armstead comes back. Instead, I hope McDaniel sees the value in both of these guys and comes up with some gadget plays (or simple power runs to the left) to utilize them both at once.

It’s a good problem to have when you have two guys who are doing well. The solution is sometimes to use them together.

I was thinking the same thing on the other side of the ball. Jaelen Phillips should be good to return on Sunday, so then what do we do with Andrew Van Ginkel, who filled in perfectly for Phillips on Sunday night? The easy answer is to move AVG back to normal LB and have Phillips resume on the edge.

But what if Fangio devised a way–on some, not all, plays–to have both AVG and Phillips AND Chubb at the line of scrimmage…either with or without Sieler and Wilkins? On Sunday, AVG proved his value when he lines up at DE. I think it’s a mistake to automatically take him out of there. Keep him there and let the O line and QB worry. And they will indeed worry, especially when he’s lined up right next to Phillips, instead of 5 yards behind him.

This could be a fun day Sunday…


  1. I’m so upset I can’t watch the game this week. The NFL thinks the Midwest wants to watch the Jets and Patsies instead. It should be a good game too with Kevin Harlan calling the game again.

    1. Author

      Last week, didn’t you say you bought Peacock channel to watch the Sunday Night game? Wasn’t it on your normal NBC channel? I bought the Sunday Ticket package. It’s on YouTube now, and it’s only good if you want to sit down and watch the game straight through. If you want to flip around on commercials, or pause, or rewind an important play, it’s horrible. On SOME (not all) devices, certain features work. This is the same as Thursday games on Amazon. If you’re on your phone, you have certain features you can use. If you’re watching on a Smart TV, there are additional features. I have a new Samsung Smart TV, however, and pause is disabled. There are different ways to watch depending on your device, and it’s garbage. On my PS4, the game is delayed by 45 seconds and the picture is blurry as hell. Whatever happened to watching a game on something called “television?” Thank you, Goodell.

      1. Yeah I subscribed to peacock for last Sunday nights game. I’m sure it was on regular NBC, but I don’t have cable and those antennas don’t work well in my area. CBS is broadcasting the Jets and Pats game this week. I’ll just have to resort to the SiriusXM stream. I have a Toshiba FireTv in my bedroom and a Samsung in my living room.

  2. Admin- very good insight. I hope McDaniel is a follower of this site. These are good problems to have and hopefully McDaniel will use their strengths together in some fashion. I’m excited for this game but I think the true test will be next week at Buffalo.

    1. Facts. We can probably survive without Waddle in this game, but he definitely needs to be back for the Buffalo game in order for us to have a chance.

  3. I think Broncos are a dangerous 0 and 2 team, so i have tepid confidence in Dolphin win. So I think defense will be key to victory . Interesting stat – Broncos are #1 in NFL in percentage of drives resulting in TD.

    Rock on Phins!

  4. After todays game are there still Tua haters out there? I’m like the only one who always believed in the guy.

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