The Dolphins have fired Josh Boyer. Thanks to reader Justin for being the first to alert me to this…he is faster than all the sports alerts I subscribe to!

I am torn on this decision. I hate the idea of all our defenders having to learn a whole new defense next year. I hate the fact that injuries were a true and legit reason why we struggled this year (and not just same lame excuse). Many things were not Boyer’s fault. If Mike McDaniel didn’t like all the zero blitzes, he could have stepped in and overruled Boyer at any time, on any play. Mike McDaniel can’t even make his own play calls in time, so he has a lot of nerve criticizing and firing someone else who calls plays.

At the same time, we were a good–not great–defense under Boyer. So it’s not a devastating, bad decision. McD has good vision of what he wants for the team, and I do trust him to bring in the type of DC that can get more out of our guys.

X Howard recently said yesterday that he does what he is told, and if he doesn’t make a play on the ball, it’s because he wasn’t put in the right position to make the play. (i.e., Josh Boyer made a poor call). In a case like that, I trust X’s judgment and expertise.


  1. Yes I saw Xs comments a few days ago and he said several times that his lack of performance would change next year because this year he was playing in positions that didn’t make him productive. Now that McD fired Boyer I wonder if X may have known that was coming or if McD had at lest told him changes would be coming that would put X back into position? Anyhow no DC search would be complete without me throwing Rex Ryan’s name out there as I’ve always wanted to see him in Miami! I know it won’t happen but I’d love a smash mouth coach like Rex! I’m also not a huge fan of the defense having to undergo a complete change but from my couch it always seems new defensive playbooks are easier to implement than a new offensive playbook. Let’s see who the new hire is I wouldn’t think the Dolphins would let Boyer go without having a firm grasp on a replacement because it’s not like the guy sucked, his unit was decimated by injury all year and still played better than they should have in my opinion.

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      I love Rex too, but I think he’s making millions as an announcer and “probably” has no interest in the grind of being an NFL coach again

    2. Thanks for the shout-out! Like I said before I would like to get an ex NFL head coach for our DC. Those guys usually have something to prove after being fired as a HC!

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      I’d love to see Fangio come in. First and foremost, I want a DC with experience. I am sick and tired of all the experimenting and charity jobs we give to coaches who have not paid their dues. 30-something is a bit too young, and it really showed this year with McD’s inexperience. As you guys know, I always point out that guys like McD and Gase and Philbin never called a play in their life, and then we go ahead and put them in charge of the entire operation. McD still has plenty of time to grow into the role…Philbin and Gase washed out.
      Fangio’s age and his experience as a head coach are attractive to me. It’s going to depend on McD’s ego. I bet you that last year, Grier offered the HC job to McD but said something like “You get the job only if you give Josh Boyer a year to see how it works. You can fire him afterwards if you want.” The 2022 D was not as effective as 2021, so Boyer is gone, and I’m not angry about that. I WILL be angry, however, if the new DC that McDaniel hires is just another book-smart youngster like himself with zero decision-making experience. Too bad that Brian Flores purposely burned all his bridges, because he really was a great DC.

      1. I knew Boyer would be turfed. Yes there were injuries but still no excuse to call some of plays he did. How about not covering a wr twice even after a TO. Bbbbbbbye.

        Hopefully it’s Fangio. Need a vet presence. Look how Pederson helped jags.

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    A glorious day, as the Bills lost again! They regress a little more each year.

    1. Can’t be Admin Allen has all that arm power it’s impossible to lose. Same with Herbert. ..oh wait! Honestly cinci and KC will be the main challenge to get to the bowl next year but if everything falls into place it’s not impossible.

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        I put Burrow in that list as well. A great QB, but man oh man did he benefit from his D only allowing 10 points to the Bills. If Herbert or Tua held the Bills to 10, we’d have beaten then 3 times this year instead of only once.

  3. And did you notice how Classless bills WR Diggs was on the sideline – yelling at his QB Allen (and Allen was totally ignoring him)
    At least our WR – T. Hill had enough class and smarts to Not pull that crap on our 3rd string QB – even after Hill was Open over the middle on 4th down, and could have changed the outcome of that game.

  4. We interviewed Fangio. I really hope we hire him!!!

    1. Agreed his experience will help not only the D but the O. Plus the overall team as he can assist MM in a variety of ways. Some of these younger guys don’t look horrible but it would be nice for once to have a vet around and it would show that MM will do anything to win. Even with having a vet looking over his shoulder which some people don’t feel comfortable with.

      1. Its not just his experience, its what he has accomplished. Three places , Chicago, San Fran, and Denver and all defenses were elevated to top 5. This is what they need. And he also provides some experience at head coach and McDaniel can learn from.

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      Yes, I don’t know much about Vic, but he is my choice as well. Unless Rex Ryan wants the job. 🙂

      Promoting an assistant linebacker coach or else a young up-and-comer is not a wise approach here, in my opinion.

      1. Agreed but Rex is better on TV he’s too loud and obnoxious. Knows his D no doubt but he’s a wrecking crew like his Dad. He would ruin MM try to bully him out instead of helping. Fangio will help the franchise not hinder.

    3. As long as I can remember, ex head coaches that return to the DC position have great defenses in there returns!

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    Lots of comedy coming out of Buffalo about WR Diggs yelling at his QB. But even funnier to me is the Bills speaking about their resilience and adversities. Yes, they lost a backup DB Hamlin for one regular season game. Yes, The lost Von Miller for 2 or 3 other regular season games. But how many games did they lose Josh Allen for? How many times did the NFL step in and turn the media against the Bills? How many times were the Bills allowed to quit in the middle of a game and face no repercussions? How many times did the Bills have to suffer through an owner who costs them a #1 draft pick? Sorry, but they simply lost to the Bengals, and I don’t find too much adversity there.

    1. I actually think the Bengals are beating the Chiefs again!

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        Of the 4 teams left, I hate the 49ers the most. The other 3 I don’t care about either way. Even if Mahomes plays, no guarantee they win, The Bengals look “pretty good” the last two regular seasons, and then they become beasts in the playoffs. Amazing Januarys for them 2 years in a row

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      More to come on this. I’ve been studying Fangio’s history and will be writing a column soon!

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