As disappointing as the Eagle game was, we can take solace in a few things:

First, the officiating was biased at a never-before-seen level. I’m not talking about an iffy interference call that could go either way when slowed down frame by frame. Rather I mean the blatant facemask that the refs refused to call, plus the “roughing” call when Wilkins tapped Hurts with his palm. Plus, there are dozens of pictures circulating out there showing all the times the Eagles held onto Jalen Phillips, and the officials must have accidentally been looking the other way.

The refs changed the entire complexion of the game.

Despite all of that, we had a tie game late into the third quarter. Even when Tua threw his 4th quarter interception, I remained confident…we were only down 7, had plenty of time, and the Eagles started that drive deep in their own territory. If we got one more stop from the D, or if Philly didn’t use that stupid QB sneak, we get the ball back.

It didn’t work out on that drive, but we were close the entire game. The media is acting like we got blown out by 40 points, but again, this game was close right up until the time the Eagles went up 14 at the end.

Our defense came around and had a good game. Good pressure, a couple of turnovers, no real rushing game from the Eagles at all…but all the media wants to discuss is how our own running game failed. Yes, for one half, we didn’t run the ball well, but that didn’t last, and we were moving successfully right up until Tua’s INT.

And one last thing…if Lester Cotton didn’t stick out his right arm, and if Tyreek Hill didn’t drop an easy TD pass, we’d be discussing a different outcome right now. This loss came down to a handful of plays, not a total one-sided devastation.

So now we have the Patriots. Their defense is less formidable than Philly’s and their offense is virtual garbage. At home, especially, this should be another easy win. Maybe Mac Jones plays well, but they still don’t have any explosive plays. I’m more fearful of them running Ezekiel Elliot down our throats, but even if they do, I think our offense will be far more ready this week than last. Probably will have Connor Williams back, and that will help a lot.

Also, I HATE the concept of being on Hard Knocks. Having HBO cameras everywhere can be nothing but a distraction. Stephen Ross should have put his foot down, but as usual, his main focus is showcasing the Dolphins as entertainment, rather that focusing on wins.


  1. Hopefully, this next game is a good setup for Dolphins

    (Phins coming off a loss, more focused and determined at Home, while the Patriots, coming off an upset win with too much hubris and celebration distraction, have a natural let-down game)

    1. Author

      Yeah, I’m not too worried. Lose to New England, and our season becomes a joke. Win, and we’re right back up there again

  2. Ruh Roh, Tyreek missed practice yesterday….

    1. Author

      Not good news at all. It’s probably worse news because McD has this infuriating habit of benching players unless they are 101% healthy. Connor Williams and Xavien Howard were ready and willing to play Sunday night. But they were only at 99% so McD would not allow them to suit up. He needs to stop that. Tyreek will be at 90% Sunday and begging to play. McD needs to let him.

  3. Admin, I agree with your Hard Knocks filming being a distraction and the only one who wants this is the moron owner who only thinks of flash dancing the Dolphins on TV any way he can. How many games have they played in the UK and now Germany…let others teams take their turn.

    I was disappointed Dolphins didn’t represent a 5-1 records but the D didn’t show up until later-glad they did! The crappy calls they can’t control, BUT they certainly could have shown up better than they did. I don’t feel I saw the fight that I expected. It seems like when games are nationally televised especially night games, they have some sort of camera shy, deer in headlights, can’t make a mistake while millions are watching kind of thing. We aren’t “there” yet and they hear all the media yapping and they think they have arrived- until they haven’t. I’d like to get to a point that when Tua goes back for a pass that I’d be confident either it will be a completion or if he’s in trouble, he can get himself out of it…I’m not there yet either. I know I’m not the only one.

    1. Author

      Tua and X Howard, two of our most prominent players and leaders, are both AGAINST the Hard Knocks decision. They are quietly and respectfully speaking about it, but you can just tell that deep down, they HATE it, but they are too respectful to share their true feelings. Stephen Ross continues to plague this team. Introducing TV cameras into practices, locker rooms, meetings, etc.–In the middle of our most successful season in decades–it’s just a ludicrous example of Ross tampering with success. You hit the nail on the head…it’s Ross showcasing his entertainment spectacle, instead of protecting his team’s integrity and winning advantage. He truly thinks of the Dolphins like they are a spectacle rather than a sports team where every tiny advantage helps, and every distraction hurts.

      1. Ugh! I do not like the Hard Knocks distraction, it can AT BEST be a neutral distraction, but likely a negative distraction. Boo Hissss1

        1. Author

          I am slowly—oh so very slowly–seeing the points of people who’ve claimed for years that the NFL is more like realty TV than a regulated, officiated sport. Close friends have been saying this for years, and I’ve always said they are crazy. It’s not rigged at all. But now I’m starting to listen. Roger Goodell has turned the NFL into what it is today. Former commissioners cared about the sport of football, but Goodell cares about the entertainment of football, and the money he makes by turning it into pure entertainment. Thursday games only available if you have wifi. HBO creeping cameras into the private=meeting rooms of coaches. European stadiums hosting more NFL games than US stadiums. And of course, gambling companies paying NFL players to be bookies for them, starring in gambling commercials that air in the middle of an NFL game. Where does it end?

  4. Hill intends to play this Sunday. Reported by Adam Schefter.

  5. ALL – pro sports are now Entertainment 1st and foremost – above all other concerns, unfortunately.
    The mighty $ – always has the final say in any pro sports today.
    Officiating (especially this year in the NFL) has never looked more questionable, with the past eagles game being a prime example. 10 penalties on one team, None on the other – a coincidence ? Hell No.

    1. I agree. The NFL has aligned itself with gambling. Soon it will be no different than tv wrestling .

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