Cast your vote for the most egregious error the refs made tonight.

Was it Christian Wilkins getting penalized for putting his palm on Jalen Hurts?

Was it ALL the officials looking the other way while Cedric Wilson had his head torn off on a facemask?

Was it the refs missing all the offside Eagles on the tush push, plus the fact that they were not set for a full second?

Or maybe the fact that the refs called no penalties on the Eagles at all?

Take your pick.

The league needs to grade, review, penalize and fire the officials who cost teams a game, which is what happened tonight. The Wilkins “penalty” came early and gave the Eagles a touchdown and set the tone for the night. We could not recover.

Nothing can be done now, but I hope Mike McDaniel doesn’t take this farce lying down.

Just a few samples of what is LEGAL in an Eagle game:


  1. The Eagles sent a message to the league, one that we’ve heard and seen before from the Patsies- “If you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin.” Seriously 10 penalties on us and 0 for the eagles? I guess it was the crew from Philly refereeing last night.

    1. Author

      Even if all 10 Dolphin penalties were deserved, (they weren’t, but let’s just say)… still the refs must have seen at least ONE infraction by Philly.
      Calling out the refs for missing the facemask will get us nowhere, but McDaniel needs to at least bring this up to the league for review. Was the penalty seen and ignored? Or was it not seen because the refs were looking up in the stands? Either way, a travesty

      1. Just the facemask, in and of itself, was enough to cost us the game. I believe that would have been 1st and goal, a TD that ties the score. I referred high school level football for 10 years and I promise we and other refs talk during the game if there is such a penatly disparity. We also discuss whether certain penaties were light or major. If you are calling light penalties on one side, you better call them on both. There is no way these officials were not aware of the situation.

  2. Yep, refs were awful and that hurt the Dolphins chances. If it were Mahommes and the Chiefs on offense, they would have got that face mask call on Wilson to keep the drive alive.

    Dolphin defense is slowly improving and getting better. It was nice to see a pick six!

    In the end, it may be that we are not physical enough to beat physical teams like the Eagles, Bills, Bengals….. All the speed and well designed plays cannot overcome that difference.

    1. Author

      Yes, it was closer than it seemed, thanks to the D. It was a tie game late in the third quarter. If not for a gimmicky QB sneak that’s soon to be illegal and horrid officials, it goes down to the wire, and I like my chances with Tua. Jalen Hurts did nothing to impress me.

      1. I am not sold that that QB sneak push play should be illegal. It is a great play to keep drive alive so if you can do it, why not???

        1. Author

          The main reason I hate it is that the ball carrier is not advancing the ball.
          He is literally being pushed by the momentum of other men behind him.
          If a defender knocks you backward, they give your spot of where you were before the contact. So if your teammate pushes you forward, they should only give you where you yourself advanced to on your own.
          If they allow this tush push, then the next step will be getting your QB to crowd surf over a line or forming a human pyramid and letting the QB climb it.
          I give the Eagle credit. It’s legal for now and they are the only ones who mastered it. But this is not rugby

          1. should most definitely be illegal. As you said, the ball carrier is doing nothing but being pushed. There is also no response the defense can make to counter it. If this is allowed then they should eliminate forward progress and mark the ball carrier down wherever his body touches the ground. This will allow the defense to pick him up and carry him back as far as possible.

            1. Author

              I don’t know how to defend it, but I do know that getting low (almost in a push-up position) like the Dolphins were trying, will not work. I think you need your D linemen a yard off the ball, and have the rush forward at the snap. Get a one-step running start and knock the center on his ass

              1. Might work. Or tell your front 5 to lunge higher than their front and make sure your knee hits their head real hard. If they lose 4-5 starters to protocol, they’ll stop calling that play.

  3. You forgot to mention that Phillips was help almost every single play with no call. I rewatched the game and saw at least 28 holds against the Eagles that were all very obvious. Some plays contained 3! Worst officiated game I’ve ever seen. They need to start dining the officials $10k for every obvious call missed or maybe we need to get rid of the female refs since all the other refs were probably looking at her instead of the game. We are going to for sure lose when we play the Chiefs in a few weeks because the NFL will do anything to make Taylor Swift happy. I’m disgusted.

    1. Author

      I cannot complain about the holds on Phillips. Yes, they held him, but holding is always up to the ref’s opinion. Facemasking is not. Facemasking and 12 men on field are the only 2 penalties where there is no opinion involved. It either happened or it didn’t. And when it happens, it must be called. It must be challengeable.

      1. I agree that face mask holds need to be challenged and reviewed.

        1. Author

          I saw one where Sieler got spun around by his neck. Technically not a hold, nor was it hands to the face. But when you get closelined in the neck, the refs MUST flag that.

          1. McD needs to stand up and call out the refs. He should’ve done it during the post game press conference. Who cares if he gets penalized. Do you think Belichick would put up with it. Hell no he would be storming the field ripping the refs a new one.

            1. Author

              I heard McD say that on Tua’s interception, Mostert was unable to get back to the ball because of “legal” contact by the DB. That was his way taking a dig at the refs on yet another play that went under the radar. Tua admitted it was a poor throw, but still Mostert should have been able to come back to the ball if he wasn’t run into. watch the play here. Don’t look at Slay. Look at #51 covering Mostert. Runs right into him while Mostert is trying to stop and turn around.


              1. I just saw this play again this morning, geez another missed interference call

                Mostert at least could have comeback to the ball and interfere with the interception; i think the defender still would have got to the ball first.

                1. Author

                  Yeah, I didn’t love Mostert’s effort there. Turned to look way too late. McDaniel’s point was that Mostert wasn’t able to turn because he was interfered with, but I don’t know if I quite see it that way.

            2. Author

              In complaining to the league or the media (not that it helps, but it will get your point across succinctly), you can’t really whine about 10 penalties to zero. You can’t whine about a delay of game. But, you can focus all your rage on one single play: the missed facemask. How can the league deny McD’s point if he just focuses on that one play?

  4. Author

    I’ll add in this comment just to offer a breath of prideful fresh air. Miami scored 70 points in September, and we all know the record was 73. But in that 73-point game, the Bears scored 3 defensive touchdowns. So that means the record for most points by any offense in history is ours. 10 walloping offensive TDs in one game. Very cool record to own

    1. And The Dolphin kicker scored 10 points, without a FG!

    2. Did you know that the Bears had 69 points with little time remaining in that game? Instead of taking a knee, the coach went for the field goal to stick it to the other coach that he didn’t get along with. The Dolphins should’ve gone for the field goal to stick it to Sean Payton for allowing bounties for having players injured when he coached the Saints.

      1. Author

        I never liked Payton, but at least I’ll give him credit for admitting we kicked his ass in that 70-20 game. He didn’t imply we got lucky or the Broncos were heat-exhausted. Just an old-fashioned embarrassing ass-whooping

        1. Wouldn’t give him credit for stating the obvious. 70-20 speaks for itself.

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