The league announced a matchup between the Jets and the Miami Dolphins at New Jersey at 3:00 Eastern on November 24. The game will be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. ( I wonder if this Friday game counts as our mandated Thursday game. Or, perhaps, we still have to play a Thursday night game in addition to this special Friday game. That would be bad, giving us TWO separate games with little prep time).

Also, the Dolphins “at” the Chiefs game will be in Germany, as Roger Goodell continues to screw over American football fans and forces teams to fly over the Atlantic to play games in front of soccer hooligans.

A leaked report says the Dolphins will be AT New England for Sunday Night Football on September 17, which is the night NEP honors Tom Brady.

THOUGHTS: If we’re in Boston for Week 2, chances are will open at home. Playing in Boston in September is way better than January. Would love to be @Buffalo early in the year too. The @Jets game is the day after Thanksgiving, so it should be a cool game but not bitter cold or blizzardy.

I HATE HATE HATE European games. But since Roger Goodell FORCES his teams to go to Europe to play games in front of soccer hooligans instead of diehard American fans, at least we caught some breaks this year. Facing the Chiefs is formidable. Facing them on a neutral field takes away one of their advantages. Also, the Bills lose a home game this year, as Goodell forces them to abandon the Bills Mafia and have a “home” game in Germany instead.

Finally, the goal this season absolutely positively must be to win the division. (Well the Super Bowl, actually, but first things first). Our chances of winning a wild card spot are lessened this year.

To win a division, you only have to top 3 other divisional teams, who essentially play the same balanced schedule as you. But to win a wildcard spot, you have to top 14 other AFC teams, with unbalanced schedules. For example, the Dolphins must face the hardest division in the NFL: Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, and Eagles. Meanwhile, the Steelers, Bengals, and Ravens (all formidable wild card competition) face the easy NFC west with games vs. the Cards, Rams, Seahawks, for example.

The Jags and Titans (two more teams that will compete with us for a wild card) have it even easier, with games vs. the lowly Saints, Bucs, Panthers, and Falcons. Essentially, the NFL is giving them 4 free victories, while the Dolphins face 4 tough games.

The NFL continues this insane unbalanced schedule year after year, without quite understanding the huge advantage some teams get.

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  1. Valid points admin. Either way I’m happy finally going to a Miami home game this year against the Giants. Sitting in section 319 row 9 so hopefully decent tickets and out of the sun. Tickets doubled to sit in the sun below and even worse on Fins home side. Crazy! If anyone is there would be fun to meet up before or after the game.

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