The Miami defense gave up about 20 points per game.* That is an outstanding number, and every Dolphin executive, coach, player, and fan needs to realize that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s such a simple philosophy, but oh so true. * Actually, the Defense gave up a lot less that 20 points per game. If you take away all the free points that Ryan Tannehill handed to other teams, the average is a lot less. It’s not Kevin Coyle’s fault that Tannehill threw a pick-6 to Buffalo, for example, and toRead More →

There are recent reports about several GM candidates being confused about whose authority will  outrank whose, and Mr. Ross must clear this up immediately. It’s important to lay down the law about the power structure in the decision-making process. But one thing is clear: Dolphins Truth is strongly urging that the new GM have more decision-making power than Joe Philbin.  In this column, we explain the reasons why. The greatest GM in the world will be powerless if he is undermined by the coach. We’re not saying that Jeff Ireland was the greatest ever; we’re not even saying he was effective. But you cannot blameRead More →

As we watch yet another battle of Manning vs. Brady, let’s hope that same time next year we have new new faces in there,.  Especially Tannehill. The more we hear about Bill Lazor, the more promising it looks.  Of course, the Dolphins’ success next season ultimately depends on the players themselves and upon Joe Philbin. The other playoff game features two young QBs who the Dolphins could have had.  But Philbin chose Tannehill instead, so let’ s hope that next year at this time, Ryan is proving himself better than those guys, since he was selected in the draft well ahead of them both.Read More →

Mike Sherman was fired as coach of the Packers after going 4-12 in the 2005 season. That year, he had BOTH Aaron Rodgers AND Brett Favre on the same team. That is not a typo. Sherman had TWO Hall of Fame QBs on the same team, and he only won four times. He was rightfully fired. Texas A & M then stepped in and hired him. Sherman went on to lose every Bowl game he ever coached in. He was fired again. still with zero accomplishments on his coaching resume. So when 32 NFL teams had a chance to hire the unemployed Sherman, 31 of thoseRead More →

1. Welcome, sir. We’re all very excited to have you come aboard. We’re putting away all pessimism and look forward to what you bring to the table. You just spent a season working for Chip Kelly and his fast-paced, exciting offense. Maybe you even helped create that offense. You helped turn Philly into a playoff team in only one year. 2. QB Sneaks are legal in the NFL. No one is sure why Mike Sherman never called a QB sneak. We had numerous 3rd-inches and 4th-inches throughout the season, but Sherman never called the sneak. Even worse, Joe Philbin never stepped in to correct this. ForRead More →

There have been a lot of reports about the rift between Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland.  If you believe the Miami media, the rift began when Jeff Ireland demanded changes after we got beat by a winless Tampa team.  Our offense was terrible that night, and Ireland rightfully demanded Philbin change some things. Rumor has it that Ireland wanted Mike Sherman gone.  It’s rare for any Dolfan to side with Ireland, but in this case, Ireland was 100% correct. Of course, Philbin would not fire his best friend Mike Sherman.  So this situation apparently got elevated all the way up to Mr. Ross, who choseRead More →

Tune in early to see two QBs the Dolphins should have had, Drew Brees and Russell Wilson, battle it out.  In the late game, watch Tom Brady (come to think of it, we had 5 chances to draft Brady, and blew that too) dissect an overrated Indy Colts team.  Three of the NFL’s best quarterbacks that all could have been Dolphins. Dolphins Truth laments the ones who got away.Read More →

While there’s no question that the Dolphins shot themselves in the foot to eliminate themselves from playoff contention, there are a few other factors that played into it as well. Some of these factors are large and still looming, while others are more subtle. But they all involve the NFL itself. We’re not saying that the NFL favors the Patriots over the Dolphins, but you have to look at some factors. One of these factors is the unbalanced schedule. The NFL’s schedule makers hold enormous power. What seems like a “fair and balanced” schedule never really is. For example, the Saints had to travel toRead More →

So far, the names of potential offensive coordinators have been less than inspiring, but it is still early. Here at Dolphins Truth, we’d prefer a new GM in place first, and then let that GM hire the OC. Last time we let Joe Philbin hire his own OC, you see where that got us. Philbin simply is not a good judge of talent, plus he hired a good friend of his.  Then he let his friend hire his son-in-law.  Enough of that nonsense.  Enough. Gary Kubiak wants to be a head coach and won’t accept an OC position. Head coaches who are “demoted” to coordinatorsRead More →

Stephen Ross is a strong businessman, so we can assume the firing of Jeff Ireland was not irrational. One hopes that Mr. Ross investigated the past few years of failure in an attempt to get to the bottom of–specifically–whose fault it was. Step one was obvious: Mike Sherman spent the last two years calling horrendous plays. He refused to call for QB sneaks on 3rd-inches and 4th-inches. He called for pass plays when we simply had to run out the clock. He called for running plays when the defense knew what was coming. We could go on and on, but suffice it to say thatRead More →

The loss of Mike Sherman is a good start, but we’re unconvinced that Joe Philbin has learned any kind of lesson whatsoever. Let’s face it: Mike Sherman called terrible plays for the last two years and clearly deserved to lose his job. The Dolphins need a firey young play caller who can utilize the players much better. We need a play caller who will call a QB sneak now and then. Or a bootleg. Or a pitchout. Or a dozen other plays that were not in Mike Sherman’s book. So yes, it’s good that he is gone. But what remains truly TROUBLING is that Sherman’sRead More →

While it’s generally a good start to be rid of Mike “It Was The Right Call” Sherman, let’s not celebrate yet.   You must remember that Sherman and his pal Joe Philbin have the same mindset when it comes to running an offense.  So if Philbin gets rid of one Sherman, he is likely to replace him with another. Let’s hope not.  Let’s hope Philbin sees the error in his ways and gets an aggressive OC in here to shake things up. It’s good that we got rid of an offensive coordinator who makes poor choices. But it’s bad that we’re still stuck with aRead More →

Finally, Mike Sherman has been fired! We commend Stephen Ross.  We wish it would have worked out, but it simply didn’t.   Sherman knows his X’s and O’s, but there was clearly something lacking. Let’s hope that Sherman’s son-in-law, who is still on the Dolphins’ payroll, is next to go. Mike Sherman enjoying a nap on the job.  Read More →

The longer Mr. Ross waits to fire someone, the worse it gets for the Dolphins and us fans.    No one wants to see Mr. Ross make a rash decision that will come back to haunt us.  But we don’t want this to linger either. What should be an easy decision is beginning to fester.   And of course, the Miami media isn’t making it any better by reporting rumors and the old “A major decision is coming today” lies that they’ve repeated for 8 days now. We worry that Jeff Ireland or Joe Philbin is saying just the right things to keep his job.Read More →

You almost get envious after watching other QBs this weekend. Aaron Rodgers faked out the 49ers, the announcers, and the cameraman with his fake handoffs.  Colin Kaepernik sees no one open and immediately runs for a first down. Phillip Rivers and Drew Brees did nothing spectacular, but they do it well and consistently and are proven winners.  Andrew Luck and Alex Smith put up 89 points between them. Compare that to what Ryan Tannehill does, and you see a HUGE difference. One of the most overused cliches this year has been the coming of age of Ryan Tannehill.  The maturing of Ryan Tannehill.  How goodRead More →

As the Miami Media and “anonymous” AP sources (i.e., cowards who claim to have inside info but won’t reveal their names) keep saying, Mr. Ross is about to make some decisions any day now. Of course, they’ve been saying this for a week, and nothing happens. Here at Dolphins Truth, we don’t take sides. We report objectively and look at the big picture. So rather than chanting “Fireland,” we suggest calling for some insight. There are TEN major answers that Stephen Ross must determine, and once he has those answers, he can then decide who stays and who goes. 1. Who was it that jettisonedRead More →