Several sources, including the usually reliable Peter King, report that Stephen Ross is once again trying to get his Dolphins to play in Europe. Again.

Ross has zero concept of what “home field advantage” is. ZERO. NFL teams fight tooth and nail to gain home field advantage for the playoffs, and yet Ross just gives away precious home games as if they were pennies. Great, we get it. You want to encourage some soccer hooligans in London and Madrid to be Dolphin fans. How many wins do the foreign fans bring us? There is zero benefit to the players if we go to Europe again. Absolutely no advantage whatsoever. But to play a “home” game in Europe is actually a detriment.

Ross puts his own team at a disadvantage by willingly allowing the Dolphins to only host 7 home games, while our competitors get to host 8 or 9 home games. His logic is dizzying.

And yet, as always, Stephen Ross finds a way to hurt his own team by thinking 70,000 local, rabid, season-ticket-holding Dolphin fans prefer to wake up at dawn to watch a “home” game in Barcelona.

How many times has Robert Kraft given away a home game and sent his Patriots to Hamburg or Edinboro to play?


  1. Hey admin it’s been a while as super busy but totally agree. It’s fine when you are rebuilding but when you are about to turn the corner you need every advantage. If they lose this euro game and miss the playoffs what will he say then? I know what I’ll say! F U Ross!

    On another note my Winnipeg Blue Bombers are kicking some arse if it weren’t for covid would be three straight championships going for four. Can only hope the Fins get on a roll like this.

    1. Author

      Welcome back! I havent been posting as much since the offseason camp hasnt opened. Soon though!!

      1. Can’t wait looking forward to seing what happens this year. Seems like the attitude towards Tua is softening a bit people realize that he’s finally in a better situation. HC is finally on QB’s side.

        I also laugh at the shit show in Cleveland glad that some idiot fans didn’t get their wish for that crap. Now they get brisket as their starter for possibly a full season with a good team. What a waste.

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