So much to write about, but yet I can’t add much more than what has already been covered.

I heard Mike McDaniel’s explanation about why he took a knee instead of going for the NFL points record. He said he didn’t want to run up the score nor embarrass his opponent, etc.

But…earlier when it was 56-13, McDaniel called for a long bomb, Mike White to Robbie Chosen.* That went for a TD and McDaniel certainly was running up the score by calling such a play. Miami led by 43 points with a few minutes left, and he ran up the score. I think that was an un-classy call on his part. But if you’re going to be unclassy to go from 56 to 63, then why not be unclassy again and set the record?

*UPDATE: Apparently, White called that play as an audible and it was not McD’s call.

A great win nonetheless.

I was scoreboard watching and saw the Bills offense crushed Washington. But honestly, it’s the same old Buffalo formula without a lot of new wrinkles. Washington’s D was spread out, allowing easy rushing yards for running back Josh Allen, who is so gun-shy of throwing INTs that his first instinct is always to run.

The Bills D took advantage of a lot of inexperienced Washington offensive players, including a QB who gave the Bills a lot of points with turnovers. The Bills might very well get 5 turnovers against us, but it will take a monumental effort on their part, because Tua won’t be so lax with the ball as Washington was.

The Bills lost to Zach Wilson. That tells you more about how good they are than a win over Washington. The Bills lost to Zach Wilson. Let that sink in.

The only thing about the Bills that worries me is dirty Matt Milano. He is the master of the sneaky cheap shot. He knows how to injure a player without the refs seeing. When players say “We never try to injure an opponent,” I believe it most times. But Milano definitely DOES try to injure. Late hits. Dirty hits. Headhunting. It’s all a routine part of his game, and sadly, the NFL never sees it.

Is Milano the dirtiest cheap-shot artist of all time, or only the dirtiest cheap-shot artist still active?

Click the video to start it.

Watch him lead with his helmet in an attempt the break the RB’s ribs and hip last year. (And no flag of course, because Milano is sneaky enough to do his dirty work in piles).

Look where his arms are (lowered). He had ZERO intention of tackling. He purposely removed his arms from the equation so he could turn his whole body into a bullet and lead with his helmet.


  1. Regarding McD’s decision to kneel down and not go for the record – In the heat of the game, I was bummed that they didn’t go for that history, that would probably have lasted the players (and our) lifetimes.
    But now, I think the decision was right. Not because of the bad karma angle, that has been written about much, but rather – the perception it would have had around the league (mainly the players) – they ALL notice, and take note. I think opposing D’s would have been extra motivated to shut down our O (as much as they can) always having that “record” in their minds. Even though we always say that Pro players shouldn’t need any extra motivation, it’s surprising how often you hear them say that it helped them – After the game.
    Regarding Buffalo, it’s very possible that the game could be played in wet weather. If I were McD, I would practice handling wet footballs – all week long – in preparation, especially Tua. I bet they won’t do that though ….

    1. Author

      The wet balls could indeed be an issue. But like I said, I am more worried about their dirty players. Not to mention the animalistic drunken fans they have up there. Last December, remember how McDaniel say by idly while the animals were throwing snowballs at the Dolphins? They throw snow, beer and dead fish at us regularly. McD needs to alert the league to this IN ADVANCE. NFL security needs to be there to counter-act those loudmouth violent fans.

  2. It was something to behold! We still put in our backups in the beginning of the 4th, so in my opinion that is all you can ask for in being respectful not running up the score, and they still couldn’t stop us! You have to let the backups pass the ball as well. Would have been cool to get the record, but it was a classy move by McD, very Shula like! Let’s hope the team moves on quickly to Buffalo and really focuses on what it would mean if we go into Buffalo and win next week!

    1. Author

      Chris Brooks was really close to breaking one more tackle on his big run at the end. That woulda have been 77. But yeah, taking a knee was good in the long run. Class act

  3. Author

    I guess we better hurry up and give away several #1 picks so we can get Dalvin Cook.
    Mostert and Achane are terrible RBs, so thank goodness we will have Dalvin come bail us out.

  4. IMO, it was classy move not to go for scoring record.

    Also…Coach MM’s boyhood team was the Broncos, he was ball boy and intern for them, so I think that has emotional factor in his decision not to kick the FG. If he was more like a John Harbaugh personality, he probably would have kicked it…

  5. An absolutely amazing dominant performance. I am going to have to adjust my expectations and gut instincts going forward. I am not used to this type of successful execution, it has been so long (since the early Marino team days)

  6. And what an absolutely fun Stat game! The more you turn-over the stats of the game, the more nuggets you find.

    I love this one – through (3) games last year, Tua passing was 72 for 101 completions, with 8 TD’s and 2 INTs, Dolphins 3 and 0.

    Guess what his stats are this year, through 3 games? The exact same!

    1. Author

      That’s amazing. Seems like he has more than 8 TDs this year, but we’ll take it!

  7. Author

    Apparently, Mike White called that long bomb as an audible to Robbie Chosen, That explains a lot, as Coach McD apparently was just trying to run out the clock and not diss Denver, but White didn’t get the message.

  8. I’m not saying this was part of McD’s decision or not, but all I could think was how destroyed Sanders would have been had he missed that kick. Can you imagine getting booed in a 50 point blowout win for missing the record setting kick? Otherwise, that was probably my new favorite Dolphins game of all time. I agree about Milano, dude is a scumbag and I can promise he’ll be looking to knock Hill/Tua/or Waddle (if he plays) out.

  9. This win was something else. I’m not gonna be like others and say it’s my favorite win, but it’s gotta be in my top 5. I’d say the other 4 would be the Baltimore game last year, that Kenyan Drake lateral against the Patriots in 2018, the Cameron Wake Halloween safety against the Bengals in 2013 and the Monday Night game against the Bears in ‘85. I was glad we pulled Tua in the 4th quarter. Was hoping we would’ve broken the points record, but let’s be real as Sanders was due for a miss since he made the 10 extra points. Time to dethrone the Bills next.

    1. Author

      1. Week 3 win vs. Buffalo last year
      2. Miami miracle
      3. ’85 Bears dismantled by Marino
      4. Jay Ajayi goes for 200+ yards in OT win in Buffalo vs. Rex Ryan
      5. Lamar Smith OT touchdown in our last playoff victory

  10. As far as the kick, or lack there of, I would get Sanders as many in game reps as possible. This is a no pressure kick so let him build confidence.

  11. I hope Waddle is back Sunday. We need him. I’m sure Wes Welker has some amazing routes drawn up. We keep talking about McDaniel’s offense and I wonder how much of that success is due to Wes.

    1. Author

      Waddle should be good to go they say, and that can help, especially since Craycraft will be out for a while. River was that “forgotten” receiver who always got open while the D was worried about Waddle and Hill. Plus he was a good blocker. Someone will need to step up now and do a bit more, like Berrios or Chosen. Erick Ezikama was inactive last week, and it’s unclear why they benched him. He seemed to be a healthy scratch, but Chosen beat him out, at least for one week.

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