The loss of Jaelan Phillips could be a huge loss. However, we held the Pats down pretty well without him, so maybe Van Ginkel steps up again.

Josh Allen is a million times better than Mac Jones, so it’s difficult.

Waddle’s return will be helpful to further tire out the Bills defenders.


  1. I’ve been waiting all year to see a Waddle dance in the end zone. Hopefully we get to see a few tomorrow.

  2. Admin- Did you hear about Mostert getting fined almost $11k for the guys helmet falling off in the 2nd quarter against the Broncos? We didn’t get penalized on the play. I bring it up because how can that be $11k but the Patriots player who hit Waddle helmet to helmet and gave him a concussion only got fined $5k? Total bs.

  3. Todays game will define what this team really is. The true test. Not saying it will be a bad season if we lose but the Bills are the best team we’ve faced so far this season.

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