We’ve all seen the hype all week long. The Dolphins have something to prove. Are we a fluke offense or a juggernaut? A test will be today.

HOWEVER, I personally fee that the Bills have more to prove. THEY are the ones being tested.

Their defense has begun the year facing offensive offensive juggernauts NY Jets, the Raiders, and the Commanders.

They beat sure-thing Hall of Famer quarterbacks Sam Howell, Jimmy Garropolo, and Zach Wilson. Oh, wait a minute. They LOST to Zach Wilson.

My point is, as good as Buffalo can be, I have confidence in a Dolphin win because Tua is not Sam Howell. The Bills have not faced anything like our offense this year. And it’s the Bills, not Miami, who will be shocked.

It’s like getting simple 1+1 questions on your first 3 math questions on your math exam, and then the 4th question is quantam physics.

The Bills offense itself hasn’t changed much. While it’s still powerful and can put up points, at least we know what to expect. Their defense has no idea what to expect.

We’ll score on these guys, so it becomes an issue of how our defense plays and can they stop a few Bills drives with 3-and-outs, or better yet, with turnovers.


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    Mike McDaniel has no answers for a swarming Bills defense, while Vic Fangio is even more useless. Bills and Chargers put 65 points combined on us, and the game is only halftime!!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen us fumble so many times in a game. It’s sickening

  3. A good old fashioned butt kick….we barely got by the Chargers and beat bad Patriots and Broncos teams. Looks like it is the Dolphins who had not been tested.

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