Congrats to #54

Why Zach Thomas belongs in the Hall of Fame - Ninety-Nine Yards: American  Football


  1. Finally!

    I don’t know why it took this long, Brian Urlacher had almost the same statistics and was inducted right away. Maybe it is because the Dolphins have not been that great in the last 20 years and people forget his name.

    Well, Congratulations Zach Thomas!

  2. Author

    Very happy for Zach. Him and Jimmy Johnson were both crying when Jimmy showed up at the house to tell him.
    Once Urlacher got in, I figured Zach would be next since he had better numbers.

    1. I can see the truth in that. That might help him going to the ground. Let’s hope so!

    2. Maybe he’s training for his new day job…

  3. This was great news for a great guy! Probably most casual watchers of the Dolphins didn’t know the full impact Zac had on field but for those of us who watched him over his career it was undeniable he was HOF! I remember the first game I saw him play live it was truly incredible to see a LB that was so instinctively quick to the ball! He was an incredible LB I wish it hadn’t taken so long because he gave everything but I’m glad it was finally made right.

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